Book 5 characters, old faces - new players.

Harry Potter books are like world cup soccer matches. Every country has a bunch of names. About two dozens of names are selected as the prominent players. Most will be known faces, a few will be new debutes. Only eleven will be selected to play the match. One never knows what the outcome is until the whistle blows.

Rowling has shown very keenness in preparing her characters for their coming role in the books. We find small and seemingly insignificant events which afterwards all fall into place as hints. Although I find myself very good in instantly picking clues from cinema-movies and interpreting them as to predict the rest of the film, I found it difficult to do it with Rowling's stories. Followingly I will try to pick out some of the possible key-role players in the coming books which have not played any significant role so far. Selected characters are based on their prior appearance in prior books, mainly book 4 since I think these are the best indicators.

First I'll start with some of the obvious ones;

  • Mrs. Figg. It has already been widely speculated and found very obvious that the Arabella Figgs named in chapter 4-36 as member of the old crew to be the same Mrs. Figgs which used to 'baby-sit' Harry for the Dursleys. Almost certainly we'll see her as one of the main players in good versus evil in book 5
  • Mundungus Fletcher. His name already appeared in book 2. Now more times in book 4. No significant events around him but I'm pretty convinced he's being prepared as major character in coming books. Also identified by Dumbledore as part of 'the old crowd'
  • Fridwulfa. Hagrid's mother, a giantess. Hagrid was sent out to contact the giants. Will she be the most obvious choice to start with? Unless we learn that she's already dead (point mentioned by Todd, AFHP) she likely will be one of them.

And some of the less obvious ones;

  • Walden Macnair. Death eater. Very likely the same Macnair as old pal of Malfoy's, now working for the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures. One of the bad guys and working inside the Ministry!
  • Bode and Croaker, Unspeakables from the Department of Mysteries. A very interesting, mysterious and promising concept. I wonder what Rowling has in store for them, what do they do and what will their role be...
  • Perkins. A colleague of Mr. Weasley from the office. Also working for the Ministry and possibly somebody with useful information and connections in the coming book.
  • Arnold Peasegood, Obliviator and member of the Accidental Magic Reversal Department. Was it him which got Harry's mess-ups corrected when he performed unauthorized magic? Will he be needed when coming events shift from the magic world into the muggle world at some possible point?
  • Rita Skeeter. Not the most popular person but she can be well informed and provide some good information.
  • the Lestranges. Loyal Death-eaters. Still in Azkaban, but I predict not for long. Very possible that they will be 'rescued' on Voldemorts command.
  • Avery. Another Death-eater. Taken back into Voldemorts circle of support.
  • Nott. Another Death-eater. Shows up with the rest of them.
  • Augustus Rookwood. Works/worked for the Ministry. Claimed death-eater by Karkaroff. Maybe we'll see him as an inside informant working for Voldemort.

And finally some longshots, not likely but not impossible;

  • Colin Creevey. Seemingly some insignificant fan of Harry. I have the strong suspicion that his character has been introduced for some major other role in the coming books and not remain just one of the petrified people from book 2.
  • Ludo Bagman. Although cleared from his bad reputation/name, it's always possible there's some hidden truth behind his story and he might be added to the dark side.
  • Viktor Krum. A strong and rightful character, very useful for fight against the dark art. He may have some unknown knowledge or education on the dark arts which they can use to fight it. Durmstrang is known for it.
  • Lovegoods and Fawcetts Mentioned in book 4 when arriving at the Cup.
  • Agatha Timms. A seemingly unimportant name in book 4. Might be reused whenever found useful in book 5+
  • Madam Marsh. Was in the knight bus in book 3 with harry.
  • Dedalus Diggle. Name mentioned in first chapter of book 1 and Harry met him first time in Leaky Cauldron.

Here they are. Some of the so far unimportant characters from book 1 to 4 which are possibly, likely or certainly characters which you have to keep your eyes open for in the coming books. Hope I raised your suspicion and make you enjoy more your coming insight when book 5 is in the stores ;)

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