See them coming!

There's some things we may suspect but can be alerted to and expect them coming.

Ron is evil. Hermione is evil. Hagrid is evil. Anybody can be evil. What? ... is what you might think. Don't be afraid if at some point in the coming books somebody from the 'good guys' suddenly does something completely evil. We can all guess the explanation already, somebody has been manipulated to do something under influence of the Imperius Curse. JKR introduced 3 impressing new curses in book 4, no doubt about it they will reappear in some of the coming books.

People die. We all have seen one major character, Cedric, die already. Besides this JKR indicated that someone close to Harry would die. But there's loads of other minor characters and non-characters who could be included into the more rough scenes and die. If Harry happens to be at a place where he does not know 'everybody' like in Hogwarts, say Hogsmeade or some muggle-place, then the number of victims might add up since they're "not necessary" for the story line.

Someone will be captured or kidnapped or similar. In many a good story, we see one of the popular or main characters get into trouble, confronting the enemy and getting captured. You then can expect either a smart or spectacular escape or some intelligent rescue operation.

Treason. A very popular event in story-lines. We can expect some treason from somebody we never thought capable of. Out of jealousy, reward, etc. Who? There's many possibilities, a fellow student who's jealous, Filch .. who's not that fond of anybody (wanting to be a real wizard... Voldemort could offer him greatness), the Dursleys... we can expect anything anti-Harry from them, Fudge... already suspiciously denying any dark activity. Or treason the other way around, for example a Death Eater changing sides like Snape did.

Help from someone unexpected to give it. Pettigrew still owes Harry. There's many other characters who are not that much "harry-fan" but could still turn up in the heat of the moment. Imagine Filch owing Harry's father like Snape did and wanting to settle his debt (not likely since it would be repeating story but still an example).

Harry will travel or visit new places. We all know about the existence of Durmstrang an Beauxbaton. Also Azkaban is a place we heard about on many occasions. Or Romania, Transilvania, the Dark Forest. Whatever new place might come up in the coming books, be prepared Harry might go there.

Any time I have some more sudden ideas, I'll try to add them here. Stay tuned.

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