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Did anybody ever wonder why Neville's parents were put under the Cruciatus Curse into insanity by the Lestranges? I have some wild guess. Maybe they were tortured to reveal the whereabouts of the just born Neville which they had hidden on a secret location. What if Voldemort actually had been looking for both Neville and Harry to kill? What if it seemed the Longbottoms finally broke and confessed where Neville was hidden, but in reality they pointed to somebody else's child and Voldemort killed it. Next he went to look for the other baby, Harry, and we know what happened then. But even though even I find this explanation above far fetched and unlikely to be true, It still leaves to wonder if there was any additional reason for the Death Eaters to have done this to the Longbottoms. Open to speculations
I've received feedback stating "in book 4 dumbledore tells harry that nevilles parents were put under the cruciatas curse because barty crouch jr. and a couple other faithful followers were trying to find out where voldemort was. the faithful death eaters figured because frank longbottom was an auror that he would know where voldemort was hiding and when they tortured him into insanity they then went to alice longbottom to try and get the information out of her. they wanted the where abouts of voldemort not the baby neville." I didn't remember it myself and think that this is a valid explanation to believe. Probably there's no need to think more of it.

Some people have noticed the following; I have found some things 'suspicious' in book 5 and have actually put these in the chapter summaries. Where you see additional 'info' in the summary which is not necessarily relevant, I put it as a possible clue. There are not a lot, some were simple and easy to spot and others less obvious. Some may be important and some may mean nothing. Below listed the possible hints for the coming books;

Chapter 1: "Harry starts bickering with Dudley, asking him if he's been been beating up ten-year-olds again. Harry knows Dudley did Mark Evans two nights ago."
Chapter 28: "With a ¤ Scourgify he 'washes Snape's mouth' but then Harry's mother Lily Evans appears and tells them to leave Snape alone"
For anybody who hasn't noticed it yet (although most people have or have heard by now), notice the last name of Mark and Harry's mother Lily? Both "Evans"... any family relation?

Chapter 1: "He sees Mrs. Figg passing by, frowning and muttering to herself"
Remember Dumbledore said the Order have different means of communicating (chapter 37), was this what Mrs Figg was doing?
I've received feedback stating "No, she was talking to Mundungus Fletcher who was with her under an invisibility cloak. She was trying to talk him out of leaving his post to get some stolen cauldrons."

Chapter 1: "Harry can't find his wand, he uses the ¤ Lumos spell and his Wand tip lights up inches from his hand"
Chapter 35: "The other (Deatheater) hits Hermione wordlessly with a spell. A purple flame hits Hermione in the chest"
We see evidence of something which has been speculated about (including me, I mentioned this possibility in an article a long time ago) and now seems to be true. Harry, and apparently not only Harry but maybe any which or wizard, can do magic without a wand. Maybe this is a type of old magic, before wands existed, and something which can be trained and which Harry will actually do.
I've received feedback stating
1) "Book one clearly indicates that Harry has the capability of performing magic w/o a wand. His trip to the zoo with Dudley and clan demonstrated that talent. With just a thought, he was able to make the glass seperating the snake fm the world, disappear. Other uses of magic w/o a wand, are discussed w/Hagrid; ie: when he had transported himself to the roof at school as a means of escaping Dudley and gang. Harry has, w/o knowing it, demonstrated apparating abilities. I suspect book 6 will finally put that talent into play.
2) Another feedback stated "Neville tells them his family feared he might be a squib because he didn't show any magic signs, till his uncle dropped him out the window and he bounced". Yes, we've seen indications but now we actualy see 'proof'.
And another feedback which I thought interesting: "The ability to consciously throw spells without a wand may become an important skill for Harry to develop if he's to ultimately defeat Voldemort.---After Harry meets Voldemort in GoF Dumbledore explains that when brother wands meet they don't work properly but invoke Priori Incantatem. --- So to avoid going into a battle with a wand that won't work properly Harry may have to use his wand to confound Voldemort's and use a wandless spell to defeat him."

Chapter 2: Apparently it's not only the Ministry who is monitoring underage wizards, in particular Harry. Apparently the Order is watching him on the spot, sending several owls telling him not to leave the house while Harry had made no comment or intention yet to do so. How does the Order know / see what is happening??
I've received feedback stating 1) 'reading your column I send your my opinion concerning chapter 2 Sure enough the order was watching Harry, why else Mundungus had to be there? He informed Dumbledore, Arthur Weasly who works for the Ministery, was the first to send a letter to Harry. He may have informed the rest of the Order as well, Sirius sent the second letter.'

Chapter 10: "Ginny tells Luna who Neville is and Luna replies "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure"."
I really can't make any real speculation from this one, but Luna seems to recognize Neville as an extremely wise or smart person, doesn't it (if I remember correctly, 'wit' in English means 'intelligence', right?)
I've received feedback stating 1) 'wit' means 'a sense of humor'... strange, can't realy figure out what and about whom she's talking... and 2) She mentions this because Ginny says she's in Ravenclaw and Luna is refering to this. That also seems very plausible.
And another response stating "Wit in this instance means cleverness or adaptibility to the situation. "He kept his wits about him" - means that the person in question had common sense and was clever."

Chapter 13: Crumple-Horned Snorkack ? This 'creature's name appeared a little bit too much in the book not to raise an eyebrow while reading. No real speculation anyway.

Chapter 16: "Luna says it makes sense since, according to her, Fudge has his own private army of Heliopaths"
True for real? We know Luna is not really that out of reality as she seems. And what are Heliopaths?

Chapter 17: "Sirius on the other hand thinks it's an excellent idea. He suggests to use the secret passageway behind the big mirror on the fourth floor, but Harry says Fred and George told him it's blocked. Sirius responds with a frown and says he'll think about other options"
I think that this passage may not be really that blocked at all. Maybe only partly..

Chapter 31: "During his final exam, History of Magic, Harry, while staring at Parvati's back, wishes he could only perform a little Legilimency to know the answer on a question. While closing his eyes and burying his face in his hands, the answer comes to him."
So it seems Harry may be a natural Legilimens without needing to perform the charm. Interesting...

Chapter 34: "In the circular room they try a new door but it's locked. Hermione tries a ¤ Alohomora but the door won't open. Harry tries Sirius's knife but the door stays shut and the knife is melted. Luna says "You know what could be in there?" but Hermione answers that it's no doubt something blibbering"
I would really have loved to hear what Luna thinks might have been in that room....!!!!!!! No doubt in my mind this may be the room Dumbledore talks about later (chapter 37).. the one with 'a power so great... etc.'... I wish Hermione hadn't interrupted her ;-)

Chapter 35: "The spell hits a shelf and several orbs are shattered. They see two figures, white as ghosts, unfurl themselves and begin to speak. Some of what they hear is '... at the solstice will come a new ...' , which the figure of an old bearded man says and, '... and none will come after, ...'from the figure of a young woman. The figures then melt into thin air. "
Well, I've seen other people attack this possible clue, and I don't have better ideas myself, so I'll leave this up to anybody who finds it interesting to think about it and read around the web.

Chapter 35: "They see the Death Eaters head shrinking inside the bell jar until it's a baby's head and back to normal. And before he pulls himself together it shrinks to babyhood again."
Hm, interesting phenomena... being able to (at least) physically get younger.... a way to immortality?

I think I found back most of them, I had to reread the summaries to fish them out again. Hope I gave you a bit to think about

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