Harry was mentally at the location when Frank Bryce becomes another victim of Voldemort. He was sleeping and at first it appeared to have been a nightmare. It turned out not to be just that. Later in book 4 Harry, having a nightmare during Divination, travels on an owl to the place where Voldemort uses a ¤ Crucio on Wormtail and Harry actually feels the pain in his scar. We later get to hear that when Harry got his scar by Voldemorts doing, Harry received some link or connection to Voldemort and feels it when Voldemort has his moments of extreme violence and hatred.

But I think that very few people have thought of the implications of this phenomena. It might be more important, serious and even dangerous then we think. Have you ever thought about what it would mean if Harry could control this link / connection. What if it's not just a nightmare state which can trigger the phenomena, what if it can be controlled by will.. or at least by going into a trance-like state. Harry would be able to find out Voldemorts location and spy into what he's doing, all this without being seen.

Don't think it's a spark of hope. Imagine it's not a one-way-lane. Imagine Voldemort finds out about it. And finally, imagine if Voldemort can do the same... what if the link works back-and-forth. Voldemort could be spying into Harry's business like Harry could on Voldemorts. Imagine the consequences of what would happen if either side already knew what to expect coming, what actions were being planned against them. This could be disastrous for either side, Harry would have to be excluded from any operation-planning to make sure Voldemort can't find out.

And then there's still the question if this link is only limited to mental presence. What if Harry would be able to perform magic while in this state, or Voldemort. It would mean long-distance targeting. And imagine this phenomena is not limited to Harry-Voldemort but could be created on any two or more individuals, giving them instant long-distant links. They could be conversing over miles of distances. And what if this link could be forced upon somebody, one could try to mind-control enemies and spy on them too. Not even starting about the idea of being able to use an Imperius Curse on long distance, a very dangerous and frightening thought.

It may seem all very unlikely speculations. But still we have now seen there's a link between Harry an Voldemort and I'm convinced there's more to it then we know. I think that it will have implications in the coming books. Even I have only thought about it just shortly and am sure there's people who may suddenly get new ideas or have sudden insight into the meaning of this issue.

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