No Plot for Potter
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I think book 5 has a poor story ending. Don't misunderstand it, I liked the book as reading material. The final story and plot explanation simply does not satisfy me. I think JKR left options unused which could have made the plot more exciting.

Let me start with the following 'facts'. It seems the OOTP members were in the Ministry to protect the prophecy. This prophecy must have been so important that they were willing to risk their lives for it, as Mr. Weasley almost was proof of. So goes the prophecy;

`The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches… born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives … the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies …'

I read many other people talking about it. The only line striking me as important, like many people agree is either can live while the other survives This seems like an un-truth since currently both live in the literal sense of the word. This would mean that one of them is currently not 'surviving'. Which at this moment does not mean much to me. Or the content may be plainly that "in the long term" one of the both must die. Then the content is more cryptic then literal and I can live with that idea.

Anyhow... is this it? is this is what Mr. Weasley almost bit the dust for? I can simply not understand that it was so important that Voldemort could not be allowed to see/hear the prophecy. One can say, and has said, that if Voldemort realized that Harry may turn out the only living person able to kill him, life may turn out a living hell for Harry as Voldemort will instantly put all his effort in killing Harry. He even may have to bunker for the rest of his life at the Dursleys. But think about this. This prophecy was protected by the OOTP risking their lives. They protected the prophecy about Harry with all effort necessary. If Voldemort has any sense of reasoning, he may realize that this prophecy, and therefore Harry, is so important that he must be an incredible risk/threat to Voldemort. Most likely Voldemort will realize, even without having heard the prophecy, that Harry is an absolute risk to him, as he has seen in the last 4 years, and something(somebody) he will have to deal with.

But just for an instance, forget the above. As it is, I think the story plot is still a major disappointment and JKR has left options unused which could have gone deeper into the story and may have had a much bigger impact. I started thinking more about it when I was done reading, but had actually expected she might go there when reading the foremost chapter (story explanation). I have thought about 2 options which are similar but could have been implemented by JKR if she had thought about it. (who knows she may still do so but I really don't see that happening anymore). The first one would be -> Imagine, if Voldemort would have been able, by obtaining the imprint/record, to prevent the prophecy from ever having happened. If by some type of magic he could have affected the past, the moment that the prophecy was done... simply erasing the prophecy from history. Then suddenly the situation may be completely different. The second option would be -> Imagine, if Voldemort would have been able, by obtaining the imprint/record, to change the content of the prophecy. If he could have used magic to change what had been said in the prophecy by Trewlany, he may have been able to change it to his liking any way he suited. For instance, changing it so that 'he kills Harry'... simple but effective. If by some kind of limitation he may have been only able to change certain small things, even then he could have found some ways to change it into his advantage.

I also think that she might have exploited the Harry-Voldemort connection more. Although it was present in the book, and I actualy predicted this possibility in a prior column, I had thought of even more extreme consequences of this phenomena. (see Mind-connections to read the article about it which I wrote after book 4)

Just think about it, it's only one of the options by which she could have deepened the story. There's another one. It has to do with the room containing the 'force/power' in the Ministry. I have heard other people saying similar thoughts to mine on forums/sites, but I have some extra thoughts. They come from a completely different book (actually 2 books in sequence) I once read which have some very interesting points which can be mirrored to the HP books.

To stimulate you to prepare, I got one thing I'd like you to think about; Mr. Weasley attacked was not an implemented 'thought'.. it was real. But what was Mr. Weasley protecting exactly??? the prophecy? I have my doubts about whether this is the complete truth, why was he not sitting directly by the prophecy but at a different place a bit farther away? I'll leave this for a later moment since I first want to re-read the book and create the summaries first since they have priority.

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