Searching for clues

I am probably going to adjust this column in the future depending on any feedback I will receive. I am writing it without something fixed in my mind but just trying to put into writing some things I had thought of lately

First of all, nothing really important but the following; Every chapter seems to have at least one clue. In the book 6, while I am writing chapter summaries, I notice that all chapters are approximately 20 pages. Every single chapter seems to be written to hide or set up the foundation for a clue in the Harry Potter stories. I have never actually read the books keeping this in mind and looking for them, but sometimes I wish I had, because there is a chance I missed some.

In some cases I have purposely left them in the chapter summaries since I find them too suspicious to leave out and too probable to have more meaning then most people would give it. I looked back rapidly and found a few obvious ones. I will need some more time to re-read my own chapter summaries to recognize any other... if I find any I will add them here.

• 6-6 ( Narcissa telling Harry....), this one is obvious and we realize what Narcissa said actually had a literal meaning. The question is, did Snape know about 'the plan' or was he fishing. And if he did, he surely has told Dumbledore and why would Dumbledore not intervene sooner. Is it possible he heard a prophesy about him and Draco and about his own ending?
• 6-13 ( The only thing they told ....) Only a guess, probably nothing but the "something" could be important.
• 6-19 A speculation only, I give that one away on the page itself, see the * and see the bottom of the page.

Just take a look and re-read from the book. In most cases they are parts in the summaries with quotations or without links in them. Now I actually am anxious to see if people found any chapters without clues, these almost certainly are worth rereading word for word. JKR has a way of putting a clue somewhere and then in the story suddenly have something happening which takes our mind of the clue immediately by the following event.... trust me, while rereading and writing summaries I really realized this a lot.

Another thing, as the rest of the world I have been thinking about the Snape case. There is no need for me to point out the many pro and contra for the explanation of Snape's actions, many people already did that, read for instance the speculation page.

Anyway, throughout all the books there have been many many many times that Dumbledore expressed his trust in Snape and that it was unconditional. I am rereading them especially in book 6. There are also a lot of actions which emphasis on the 'good' of Snape, Snape saves Harry's life, he saves Draco's life with the "Sectumsempra", he saved Ron's life (unintentionally) with the scribble in the Prince's potion book, he saves Dumbledore's life when he was destroying the Horcrux. If I forgot others, and almost 99% sure I am not remembering all people at the moment, please email me and let me know. Snape never killed anybody (up till the Dumbledore event) and had lots of opportunities to openly or secretly (without risk of anybody finding out it was him) kill anybody anywhere.

The Snape issue and while re-reading book 6 with more attention while writing summaries I noticed some peculiarities. First of all, Snape invented his own spells. That by itself I find highly interesting since it seems to be a process of improving spells. Where is the limit of a spell, what kind of spells are possible and how does it work. Second, something else, the creating of a Horcrux is in the book said to be done with a spell. Hermione did not found ANY reference or info in the Library apart from a small notice. Slughorn did not seem to know much more details. The subject is banned from Hogwarts. It seems almost impossible to find much research on the matter. How the heck did Riddle find out the spell? Maybe we get to find out, maybe not. But I thought that combining 1 and 2 might also be interesting. Maybe Snape 'invented' or 're-created' the spell for Voldemort. Maybe he knew and that is why he is his most trusted/loyal follower. Maybe Snape feels regret for doing it, which led to the death of Lily Evans. I actually doubt this one myself very much since Snape would have told Dumbledore and they would not even have needed Slughorn's memory. But still the fact that Snape invented spells is quit intriguing.

So far the stuff I could remember, will put more when I think of more subjects.

By the webmaster

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