New skills for Harry.

Have you already wondered what Harry might be learning in his coming schoolyears? If not, it's something to think about.

One of the more likely skills Harry will learn is Apparating. Only in a later year students will learn how to do that and will need to do an exam before being allowed to travel this way. But we all know Harry, and he might find himself in a situation where he'll do it before even completing his course. Maybe he'll use it and arrive at some destination he hasn't planned for and discover something along the way.

Another obvious one is that he might learn how to become an Animagus. Like father like son, why not become an unregistered animagus. One could make a long list of possible animals he would chose to transform in. And who ever said wizards/witches are bound to being able to transform into only one animal, maybe it's possible to transform into several. Only a matter of practice, isn't it? And what animals? Here's some to think about; a Dragon... strong and being able to fly, an owl... great for disguise and also able to fly, a Phoenix... playing dead and being able to resurrect again, a chameleon... great for hiding/disguising, and there's tons of other useful transformations. Also remains the question whether Animagi can only transform into an animal. Can't they change into other magical creatures like unicorns, banshees, leprechauns, werewolves, ghouls, gargoyles, etc. etc.
I've received feedback stating "JKR already confirmed confirmed that harry will NOT be an animagus". Ok, so no animagus... the options are narrowing. How about a type of shapeshifting ability, like a Bogart... that's still open. And what about other types/variations of animagus-like ability like 'cloaking oneself' or 'disguising in some way' as an animal, what about
turning into a non-animal creature another thing, is that still considered a animagus? .. (where is the border between animal/non-animal/magical creature... think horse vs unicorn... is a unicorn still animal, is a Hypogriff an animal, is a bogart an animal, is a werewolf an animal etc. etc.). But let's not expect too much of this one... JK does seem to rule it out

Also we've seen wizards performing magic before without use of a wand. Pretty useful if you ask me. And probably Harry will find so too. The only question on this point is whether this type of magic is limited or if it's less strong then with the use of a wand.

Potions. So far not one of the most important skills, although they did find it useful to transform into Goyle/Crabbe. Who knows one day Harry turns out to be a master mixer of potions. Let's wait this one out.

Besides being a Parseltongue, there's no reason Harry couldn't find out or turn out to be able to talk to other animals some day. It's based on the same principle. Since animals are generally ignored during important events like secret conversations, he could find a valuable source of information in the animal-world.

Like Harry was protected by his mother with 'Old Magic', we still don't know what this is and what it means. We might find out Harry is also left some ancient book or lessons on how to use this by his parents.

Time-shifting. We've seen the Time-Turner Hermione uses. I don't think that will be used again. What could be a new skill is to 'slow down time', being able to sort of "freeze" time but not being affected himself. Or maybe some other form of manipulating time.

These are the more obvious skills and have appeared before. There remain also other skills which we could imagine but I think it's better to leave them to rest until we see them, many are to speculative to predict. You could think about skills like power of healing, ability to see 'through stuff' like Moody, becoming invisible by will, flying by will, levitation by will, mindcontrol, creating unreal images (think 'hologram') etc.

Anyway, I hope I gave you something else to pay attention to for the coming books ;)

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