Into the details.

We've seen some very interesting background stories in the first four books. Most of the time a character tells what happened in the past or what happened recently. In other occasions, harry relives a background story like when reading T Riddle's diary or using Dumbledore's Pensieve. Still, there's many stories which might get digged up deeper, we might get to know some of the finer details about them. Which ones? Here's some possible stories.

• The night Harry's parents died What happened before, during and after the event in Godric's Hollow. We all know vaguely what happened when Harry relives the night "in audio" when encountering the Dementors. But aren't we all dying to find out what exactly happened that night, more details about the chronological story. And other details like where was Dumbledore, was it simple unawareness or ignorance or was he to busy at the time or what? Why did Voldemort go after Harry's parents anyway, were they simply on the list or were they special targets. Remember Voldemort saying Lilly didn't have to die?

• What about more details of Voldemort during his glory days. It's something likely to come if you ask me. With the return of Voldemort we will see the Death Eaters again. We can expect JKR to give details about the past every-day-life during the days of Voldemorts reign of terror, what did they do to fight him, who fought him, what were their actions, what were the Dark side's actions, strategies, plots, events etc. etc...

• And how would you like some more background history on the four founders of Hogwarts, backgroundstories about specifically Salazar Slytherin and Godric Gryffindor might give us some interesting reading material. Almost certainly what we heard so far is not 'all there is', for any book it's good to dig a bit into the story's past and understand / feel it echoing through in the current days of the story.

• Harry already used Dumbledore's Pensieve once. Who wouldn't like to see Harry use it again to see some more of Dumbledore's life. Personally I'd really like to 'see' Dumbledore in action during the days of Voldermorts high-point. Was he active 'in battle' or was he just passive giving directions and guiding the whole defense against the dark lord's clan of terror.

• Hagrid's life also has only been revealed by some tips of the iceberg. We know Hagrid is sent to the Giants now, but we could expect some story to get deeper into the background and life of the Giants, what better then to start with Hagrids life as a child and other first hand experience he can tell us about Giants...

• We may also get to hear more about life at Harry's mother's house, when Lilly was younger and what daily life was like. This way we can find out what Petunia experienced and how she grew her dislike for the magic world.

• There's a very good chance we will see or hear in detail what made Snape turn to and later leave the dark side. Either from his words / view or from other people who were actively informed about his doings at that time.

• Prepare yourself for Aurors. Now is the time they'll have to come out of their quit lives and get back to active duty. Who better then Moody can take us back into his old life and tell or show what it was like to be an Auror, what adventures and dangers he experienced.

I think that most of the above topics might in a small way or a bigger way be revealed in the coming books, which ones...? I hope all ;)

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[ yami13 ]: I liked the column "Into the Details," it really got me thinking. I definitely feel that book 5 will deal will the night Voldemort killed Lily and James. JKR said that she had to "rewrite" a death in book 5, and I think the only death that's really important enough to go into great detail about is one of Harry's parents. We have already been told that Wormtail did not really die, so it makes sense that not everything is known about that night. Possibly we will find out more about how James died. After all, Dumbledore said James gave him his invisibility cloak before he died. Could James have survived the AK curse long enough to get to Dumbledore? Or was Dumbledore in Godric's Hollow that night?

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