Harry's Christmas Presents

The Dursleys really don't care what goes on in the wizarding world, yet they have never failed to give Harry a Christmas present.

I have had this question ever sinceI began reading the Harry Potter books. It's actually two questions, rolled into one. First of all, why do the Dursleys bother to send Harry presents? More importantly, how do they send Harry his presents?

Well, it would be impossible to mail them because Hogwarts has no mailing address. The Durlseys don't (to our knowledge) have an owl, so they couldn't have sent Hedwig the Second to Hogwarts with it. I don't think they Fed-Exed it, either.

After much thought on this subject, I realized that it's possible (though it seems rather unlikely) that Hogwarts send owls to all the families, to collect the gifts.

Then, there's the question of why the Dursleys want to send Harry presents. Of couse, if Hogwarts did send owls to collect gifts, then it seems logical that Petunia and Vernon would dig up something like a toothpick or a tissue to give to Harry, to get the owls away.

Now that I think about it more, they could have the Hogwarts Express bring packages to Hogwarts. That would require, however, the parents to step through Platform 9 3/4, and I don't think Harry's dear aunt and uncle would be very willing to do that.

I can think of no more ideas on how the Dursleys could possibly send Harry Christmas presents. I have this feeling that it may be a small gap in the plot. However, it does not discourage my love of Harry Potter any more. If there was nothing like this to think about, I wouldn't have any ideas for columns.

By Ingrid Johnson

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