Rita Skeeter, Special Correspondent

One of the many unregistered animagi running around the wizard world,
Rita Skeeter uses her ability to turn into a beetle to get her
not-so-flattering stories for the Daily Prophet. Armed with her faithful
Quick-Quotes Quill, she manipulates your every word.

J.K. Rowling said, in a chat, that she did not model the character
after her experiences her experiences with reporters. However, it seems, to
me, a little unlikely, since Skeeter makes her first appearance in Book Four,
after Harry Potter's fame skyrocketed here in the muggle world.

For someone who writes about Harry being "disturbed and dangerous,"
Rita Skeeter isn't exactly your average witch. She holds interviews in broom
closets (and apparently had a history of it, seeing as Dumbledore knew
exactly where to find her), had two-inch long nails, and wears an assortment
of brightly colored robes (we should definitely introduce her to Lockhart

Hermione, acting ingeniously, as always, uncovers Rita Skeeter's
secret and traps her in a jar protected the an Unbreakable Spell. It would
have been a lot easier, though, if Viktor Krum had stepped on her, after
pulling a "vater-beetle" out of Hermione's hair

By Ingrid Johnson

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