Snape and Harry... Babbling thoughts

I have always had a wondering imagination. One of the things that keeps flying through my head is if Harry and Snape were somehow related. JK Rowling is good for twists. Twists that she builds up to. And this. This would certainly be a twist.
I have personally always thought Severus Snape and Harry Potter have always possessed strangely familiar qualities since I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. For starters they both have jet black hair as described by JK Rowling. Although Snape is a bit (much) more greasier it is still jet black, which isn't a common quality.
Secondly, as many times Snape takes away Gryffindor house points or tries to expel Harry, he is always there to save his life. Like in book three when he follows Harry, Ron and Hermione to the Shrieking Shack, I sincerely do not believe that a child hood grudge was his reason to try and get revenge on Sirius and Lupin. Just a perk and good excuse. But maybe Snape is trying to expel Harry and all of the other evil things, just to protect him from the wizarding life.
Hagrid, is also ALWAYS constantly telling Harry that Snape is NOT trying to kill him. And Sirius and Lupin...Maybe they know something Harry doesn't. Like Harry and Snape being related. Snape always hated James Potter. Could I be sensing sibling rivalry? JK Rowling never really mentions much of Harry's family other than his parents and the Dursleys. And Aunt Marge. (LOL). Maybe Snape is Harry's uncle, cousin, or something along those lines. I guess we will just have to wait and see.

By Jessie

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