while you wait for book 6

Hey. Now that some people are done with book 5, they want book 6. But, we'll have to wait a while. BUT here are some reasons why the wait will be easy on us kids.

1: Video Games- After Goblet of Fire, we knew that there would be a movie, and probably a video game to go along with it. Well, a year and a half passed before the game was released by EA. This year, EA plans to release Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup in November and most likely PoA next year in May or June.

2: Movies: In 2001, SS became a movie. One problem... WB released it a year and a half after Goblet. BUT... now, we can watch the CoS and SS DVD over and over. Also PoA comes out less than a year from now. (expected date is June 4, 2004) also, in Nov 2005, GoF movie.

3:Other Movies: Keep a look out in December for a trailer to PoA. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is a good choice for a trailer.

4:Other Books: WHAT!!! There are other books than HARRY POTTER!!!. As amazing as it seems, there is. Any one who wants to read books similar too HP read the Lord of the Rings trilogy and the Hobbit.(At least there IS a wizard)

well, now that youve seen this does the wait sound so bad. I would think that JKR would release book 6 with Movie 4. If any one remembers, JK wanted to do this with OotP and SS but couldnt get it in in time.

By Justin McGintly

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