Neville's Importance

Was anybody else shocked by Neville's Importance in book 5? In the first 4 you see and hear about him sometimes but he isn't exactly that important. Then book 5 comes around and he's is there all the time. And Ginny is too. We all knew that Ginny was going to be important but Neville came as a shock.

Of course Harry was going to have to get closer with somebody(other than Cho!!). And than at the end of the book when Dumbledore tells him that the prophecy could have been about him or Neville I think everybody just had to go WOW!!! Who could have expected that.

And now that he has come into play J.K. just can't rip him out. I think he's going to be the 4th person that Harry's group needs. Harry is like James, Ron is like Sirus, Hermione is like Lupin, and Neville is like Peter. Neville's importance has been like none until tell now. And I think it's just going to grow in the last 2 books.

There is one difference with Neville and Peter. Peter was a dirty, stinky rat(seriously) and though some people think that Neville will end up like that, the facts point to him not going over to Voldy. He (well really Death Eaters) made his parents go mad. So it's unlikly that he will go bad.

Plus now that the public knows that he is back Voldy will be hard pressed to find any new Death Eaters. Neville is very strong and is doing better on curses and helping his friends. In the last chapters of OotP he shows great strength and courge(he is in Gryffindor) in help the rest of he's friends fight the Death Eaters. It says that he isn't going to stop being a good friend. Or an enemy to Voldy. And I say all the more power to him.

by Katie Childs

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