Animagus - the Good and the Bad Sides

You see, Minerva McGonnagal is what is known in the wizard world as Animagus. This means she has the ability to transform herself into an animal. Animagi is a complicated procedure, and takes many years of practice to truly master, with that there are understandabley not many of them around. The ministry of magic requires all of them to be registered, however of course we know that there is one that definately isn't. (Scabbers Ron's pet rat is really Wormtail, an old friend who there are plenty that would rather not remember as he was a Voldemort follower).
As well as Professor McGonnagall who can transform to become a cat, there are 3 other known Animagus. Sirius Black can transform into a large black dog (Padfoot), James Potter became a stag (Prongs), Rita Skeeter can be a beetle and of course the already known Peter Pettigrew as Wormtail disguised as Ron's pet rat Scabbers.
Unfortunately we know that the intentions of this art can be greatly misused. Wormtail was hiding from that which he could not face, Reeta Skeeter used her ability to gain information that was not within her right to technically have possession of, yet no one could be the wiser, who would suspect a beetle? However we do know that these are the only wizards and witches able to perform the art, and they can only become those animals.
When magic is used in the right way, it can be a very great thing, but perhaps Hogwarts, and the other magic schools should have some sort of test, for revealling true followers of good or evil. Doesn't anyone find it rather strange that nearly all of the bad wizards have come out of Slytherin house? Or that when these bad things start occurring, for example Draco Malfoy causing trouble, why isn't he just expelled? There are many questions that i am sure could be brought around when you read between the lines of J.K. Rowling's texts. Her wonderous ideas have really been made a reality and any person who reads her books become apart of all that unravells in her books of excitement.
As for Professor McGonnagal, she is working of course for the "good" side, however cruel her decisions have been, she has been looking for the best interests of the students. Overall we always see somehow Harry pulling her emotional cord and winning the battle, but let it be known it is not the end of the war. What will J.K. Rowling have in store for us next?

By Kylie Van Eerden

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