Collecting the Post ... as the "Owl" flies!

How do wizards receive their mail? It is not really like a postman can deliver them through a mail slot in their door ... wizard mail is really just something else!

It is called "Owl Post" and this is how the people of the wizarding world receive their mail, by owl. Harry owns a beautiful snowy white owl named Hedwig. The very friendly owl has a nice temperament but hates being locked in her cage. She receives mail from people sending things to Harry and brings them straight to him. Harry can then carefully untie these from her leg or take it from her beak and receive mail, much to the disgust of the Dursleys' who would rather him be locked in the cupboard under the stairs. We learn very quickly during "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" just how determined and how efficiant Owl Post can really be! When the Dursleys' were at their wits end trying to prevent Harry from receiving one of these letters from the world of "magic" their whole house became flooded with mail and their lawns were filled with owls who had delivered their post.

The Weasley's own an old and sick owl, Errol, which most people don't think will make to his next birthday. After Ron Weasley lost Scabbers in The Prisoner of Azkaban, he received a present of a small grey owl from Sirius Black. Hermione Granger had named the bird Pigwidgeon, or “Pig” for short. The Malfoys' own a very large and expensive Eagle Owl which is one of the largest owls, and considering their wealth, only the best will do!

Each student at Hogwarts is allowed to bring one pet, whether it is an owl, (like Harry), a toad (like Neville), a cat (like Hermione) or a rat (like Ron). However the owl is the only one that can receive and deliver post. It is not a requirement to have one, as many other owls can be used from other people, or from the school to deliver and receive mail, however Harry also finds Hedwig to be a great companion and a very beautiful Snowy White owl.

The students at Hogwarts are also more than welcome to use any of the school owls to send any packages or letters. Harry requires doing this as to not arouse suspicion when sending some messages to Sirius in book 3. Harry also receives his Nimbus 2000 by owl during the morning when all the students are having breakfast when the post usually arrives for the students. The inside of the enchanted main hall (the ceiling is bewitched to look like the real sky) owls by the hundreds can be seen in the morning delivering the post, and each owl delivers its package to exactly the right person. Although beware you don't receive a howler! You'll have to read the books to find out what one of them is!

By Kylie Van Eerden

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Readers reaction: It wasn't Hermione Granger had named the bird Pigwidgeon who named the owl but Ginny Weasly (Sarah)


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