Professor Trelawny's Mystiques

Quiet and dainty and ever so nice Professor Trelawny is by far the most intriguing teacher amongst Harry's classes. She has predicted a death in almost every class she has taught and resides strangely in a heavenly seeming place somewhere above an attic-like cramped room that Harry must sit in to have his Divination classes. She torments his future by seemingly crushing it into a small chain of horrible events that somehow seem to evaluate into an almost too freaky to be real coincidentally close to what she had predicted.

In "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" she predicts a vision of "The Grim" a bad sign that death is coming to Harry in one of her classes. Although it wasn't actually the Grim that Harry had been seeing, rather a "Padfoot" version of Sirius Black who is much luckier and much nicer to have around than a death causing canine.

For some reason without her even realising it, Professor Trelawny may have more power than what she is aware of. On several occasions Ron and Harry were witness to a strange state that she had been possessed by ... predicting an extremely accurate truth to what Harry is about to face (as when she predicts a rise of the Dark Lord in book number 3). But just as quickly as she had fallen into her trance, she was brought back out again claiming to know nothing of what she had just spoken and that speaking of the rising of the Dark Lord was not something to be joked around with. She claims to make predictions with certain accuracy but someone would have to be very skilled in the art to really know what they were talking about. Perhaps Voldemort possessed a small amount of this art and was able to use it to predict that Harry was lying about possessing the stone in book number 1.

It is almost strange for Harry when he is around her, she is someone that feels like she can see the insides of him, although it is hard for him and Ron to accept that the Professor perhaps really can see a little into the future. She is light and whispy, half with you but at the same time she is in another world, somewhere completely different. Someone that Harry can not work out whether to trust or not to trust. In a later book i believe Professor Trelawny will provide us with some necessary information about Voldemort, a way to finally bring his wrath to an end, another evil, more powerful than Voldemort may be lurking around the corner, but with an expert in the field Professor Trelawny ought not to miss much. Her lack of confidence in some of her predictions may be a little daunting for Harry but I think that her enthusiasm about him may be enough for Harry to begin to believe her words could be of great use. As for Hermione, we all know that not all witches and wizards can be successful in this kind of work, knowing a few spells and potions can not always get you an A+ in a subject, and due to the lack of commen sense of Divination Hermione lacked interest into how her so called ability could even be of any use. Until our next encounter with the professor, Harry might just have enough time to prepare for the next prediction of death from his dear unseen teacher ...

By Kylie Van Eerden

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