Book 6 - Thoughts. Book 7 - Propositions.

I think Snape is much more powerful than anyone else realises (with possibly the exception of Dumbledore). He may very well have loved Harry's mother, which would account for some of his protection of Harry and his resentment of Harry - Harry should have been his child and not James's.

Is Snape still on the side of "good"?
I believe that he is, and always was. I wonder if maybe during their time at Hogwarts Dumbledore approached some of the more promising students with a view to blocking Voldermorts' future evil. This could help understand why Snape was shunned by the others, would also explain his anger whenever Harry called him a coward - he has sacrificed everything in his life for this purpose.

Why does Snape not overly harm people?
Throughout the series he could quite easily have killed or seriously injured many if not all of the important members of the Order of the Phoenix. He has repeatedly protected Harry and the others - whilst apparently being a Death Eater in Book 6!

Even his behavior at the end is odd - he "stuns" Flitwick (why not kill him) and then tells Hermione and Luna to see what is wrong with him (why not stun or even kill them as well)? In this way they are kept away from the main fighting for long enough. (Sorry to sound so blood-thirsty...I know they are meant for children but there are so many murders/death already occurring in the book by the other Death Eaters that is strikes me so peculiar).

When he does appear at the scene does he help anyone? No he rushes through (during which time the OotP and DA members are suddenly more lucky (I know they took the potion) but it is also at that time that the Huge Death Eater inadvertently strikes one of his own!

And then why did Dumbledore's character change so much when Snape approached - I can understand he was shocked to see Snape (thinking that Snape was on their side) but the change was too great. If Malfoy had been allowed to kill Dumbledore his soul would have been beyond redeeming - hence Snape could make it look like he was killing Dumbledore. Therefore I do not believe Dumbledore is really dead...(rise of the Phoenix?)

Due to Snape's behavior he will now have greater freedom and access to Voldermort and more power over the Death Eaters.

Dumbledore's and Snape's roles have throughout the series been to train Harry to think for himself, rely on his own initiative, whilst making sure that he still stayed the "good" Harry and prepare him for Voldermort, (along with Ron and Hermione). Two opposites to make a whole Harry. "Adversity breeds adversity" which Harry will need to defeat Voldermort....unless as Dumbledore always says "Love" is the most powerful magic. Can Harry defeat Voldermort with Love?

I do not see Harry or Snape sacrificing themselves at the end of book 7 - I would hope that the series would end on a much more hopeful and enjoyable ending. Too many films / books have the hero / heroine or "evil" change at the end (Star Wars would be a prime example)

Many of the postings I have read have been from people who want Harry to be related in some way to Snape and/or Voldermort. Why?? I hope book 6 cleared up many of these -
Voldermort has no brothers or sisters.
Harry has no brothers or sisters.

I only hope that Jo Rowling does not lessen the incredible journey that has been Harry Potter by going down one of these lines as they would not fit in with the story structure.

Just need to wait a couple of years now for the final book.


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