Aditional Couples

Here are some couples that could come up in future books that I didn't have in my earlier column:

Harry and Tonks: Harry's looking at a job as a auror. This possibility was brought up by a reader. The age difference might be a little problem, but really, in true love, age doesn't matter.
Harry and Luna: They've both lost love ones. They seem to understand each other. Or at least Luna seems to understand Harry. I don't think anyone gets Luna yet...
Neville and Luna: They're both kind of misunderstood. They both helped Harry with the department of mysteries. Could happen!
Neville and Parvati: You don't see a real connection between the two. Even though in the same house, no real chemestry.
Neville and Ginny: The went to the Yule Ball together, so perhaps they enjoy each others' company.
Neville and Hermione: Hermione helps Neville out quite a bit and Neville asks Hermione to the Yule Ball.
Luna and Krum: Who knows? They could meet up and hit it off!
Draco and Luna: Hm... This would be interesting. Could you even see them having a conversation??
Trelawny and Lupin: I think that Lupin and Trelawny wouldn't be a great match. Yet, Trelawny does ask where Lupin is on Christmas day when she comes up from her attic classroom. But, Lupin does not want Trelawny to crystal gaze for him...
McGonagall and Dumbledore: They seem like they are good friends. But, we don't know about the teachers' families (but we know about Dumbledore's brother and how he likes goats...)
McGonagall and Snape: Not sure about this. They both head-of- houses and they always are the first to show up at scenes where the teachers are needed...
Lupin and McGonagall: Does McGonagall see something in Lupin? Was she a teacher at Hogwarts when Lupin was a student? How old is Minerva McGonagall.
Colin Creevy and Ginny: They both love Harry and they might start a Harry fan club and see each other; maybe as more than friends
Fleur Delacour and Krum: They were both in the triwizard tourney together, so maybe they noticed each other.
Winky and Dobby: Hey- things are possible! Winky could get out of her state of shock and get over her 'master'
Fleur and Ron: Ron had a big crush on her, and at the end of the second task, she noticed him.
Fleur and Harry: Fleur was really happy with Harry at the end of the second task because he 'saved' her sister
Fleur and Neville: This might be a longshot, but it's possible. Fleur is really pretty, so nearly anyone would like her, but something makes it seem like there's a possibility
Olympe and Hagrid: This seems very probable because of all the time they were spending together, trying to pursuade the giants
Dean or Seamus and Lavender or Parvati: Dunno about this one. But, they're all in Gryffindor, and it's a possibility
The Weasley twins and the Patil girls: It was said that the Patil girls were very pretty, and two sets of twins, they kind of match up, right?
Ron and Luna: Luna sort of seems to take a liking to Ron, yet Ron gets a little freaked out by Luna and how odd she happens to be

If you have any more couples I'd like to hear them! These are just some extra's that I didn't add last time!

By Morgan Mielnick

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