Book six

I think that the only way I can start this column off, is with a quote from a friend:

THE DOOR OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE DOOR OPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE SIXTH BOOK IS CALLED HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, there were rumours a week or so ago (June 30th is when I'm writing the article) about the mysterious door on JK Rowling's official site. If you've never been to JK's site before, here's the link:
The door is attatched to a link. The link is on JKR's "desk" or homepage of her site. The link is acctually a hairtie. It's black and it's above and a little to the right of the spiral notebook. Before, if you went to the link, it was a locked door. You could only get in if you found all of the hidden clues on her site. Therefore, not a lot of people could get it. But, last week, a rumour arised that someone had gotten past the door. The person sent in scans to a Harry Potter website that I visit ( The scans were of what were behind that door. The person said that what was behind the door was the newest book title. They said it to be: Harry Potter and the Pillar of Storgé.
This, in fact, was a lie. JKR dinied that this was the title. And then, another rumour came up. People weren't sure on this one either, because of the Pillar of Storgé. But some people believed it, because they remembered that this new title was acctually, an old title. It had been mentioned as the second book's title, before we knew it would be Chamber of Secrets. JKR said that she was going to add a lot of information (that now lies in book six) into the second book, but soon realized that it did not belong anywhere so early in the series. JKR then confirmed the second rumour.
The actual title of book six is...
And, now, I think that there's room for one more quote, from a good friend of mine: ,"You should write a column about the whole book 6 title and how its not harry or voldy."
JKR said that neither Harry or Voldemort is the Half Blood Prince. If you now go to JKR's site, and find the link to the locked door, the door opens. It now reveals a brick wall. But, if you click some of the bricks, in the correct order, something will appear. I believe that it's the title of book six, but if this is genuinely truthful, the book six title has already been revealed above.
I'm very excited to read "The Half Blood Prince," and I hope JKR's next order of bussiness will be to tell us when book six is coming out!

By Morgan Mielnick

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