Death by Chocolate

Fudge seems like an Okay guy in the first few books. He doesn't get mad at Harry for blowing up his aunt in his third year going into Hogwarts, and he got him a room to stay in at the Leaky Couldron. Yet, the Fudge seemed a little more bitter towards Harry's fourth year at Hogwarts.... Could all the stress of Minister of Magic be getting to him now?

Fudge didn't like Dumbledor as much as he could have, because Dumbledor was much more qualified for the job as the Minister. But even though Dumbledor turned the job down, leading Fudge into office, he still seems to dislike Dumbledor slightly. After Harry wins the Triwizard tournament, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, Mrs. Weasley, and Bill are in the hospital wing. They hear Professor McGonagall and Fudge yelling at each other loudly. Snape, McGonagall and Fudge then burst into the ward. Then, Dumbledor enters the hospital wing. Then, Snape tells of how the minister had summoned for a dementor to accompany him into Hogwarts to see the Death Eater who was responsible for the night's events. After that, McGonagall tells that the dementor swooped down onto Crouch and gave Crouch the Dementor's Kiss. When Dumbledor hears this and tells Fudge that Voldemort has returned, Fudge does not want to belive this.

Yet, he has a slight smile on his face. Could this be because Fudge is on Voldemort's side? He does NOT want to side with Dumbledor (this could just be because he dislikes Dumbledor), yet it seems weird. Dumbledor keeps telling Fudge and he argues the subject. Dumbledor has so many good points, like- "I tell you now, take the steps that I have suggested, and you will be remembered, in office or out, as one of the greatest and bravest ministers of Magic we have ever know. Fail to act and History will remember you as the man who stepped aside, and allowed Voldemort a second chance to destroy the world we have tried to rebuild." Fudge replys "Insane! Mad!" Perhaps, Fudge is trying to cover up for his 'master.' He might be on the dark side, and be a slave for Voldemort. It seems slightly possible. He could be under the imperius curse, or he could be a death eater. He could be getting Voldemort information, being the cheif at the Ministry of Magic.

I feel that it's possible that Fudge could be on the Dark side, a death eater, a captive of Voldemort. Yet, so far in the series, it seems possible he's on either... We'll just have to wait and see the outcomein further books...

By Morgan Mielnick

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