Interesting Facts on S.S. and C.O.S.

I've been reading the books over, and here are some facts that I didn't notice the first time through (or the second or the third... lol), or just caught my attention. They're mostly small things, from innitially from the first two books...

  • Hagrid spent the night in the shed on the rock with the Dursleys and Harry
  • Neville was given his toad, Trevor, to him by his Uncle for showing signs of magic.
  • Hagrid said in the SS that Mrs. Norris followed him around the school whenever he went inside.
  • Parvati seemed more corageous during the first book, like saying things to Malfoy
  • Ron and Hermione were partners in Flitwick's class (I just found this interesting- I'm a fan of the Ron/Hermione relationship)
  • Ron was prodding Dean's West Hamm soccer poster, trying to make the players move
  • When Harry goes to look in the Mirror of Erised, he's wearing his invisibility cloak but he shows up in the mirror anyway
  • Dumbledor said to Harry that men had wasted away in front of the mirror- Harry started not to be interested in finding who Nicholas Flamel was and he was becoming uninterested in other things too
  • At one point, Harry finds Scabbers on his pillow
  • I'd forgotten that the Sorcerer's Stone could turn any metal into gold, since I've been wrapped up in the movies, in which they don't tell you that...
  • At the Quidditch match against Slytherin, Hermione was so excited she hugged Parvati
  • If Harry and Ron hadn't faught the troll, there wouldn't be a trio (Harry, Ron, Hermione)
  • Filch was bandaging up Snape's leg when Harry walked in on them in the teachers' lounge
  • Harry said "I'll bet my broomstick that Snape let that troll in"
  • Hermione had a banner enchanted so the colors changed
  • Hermione knocked into Quirell when she went to set fire to Snape's robes
  • Chess pieces yelled advice at Harry while playing against Ron
  • The twins enchanted snowballs so they would throw themselves at the back of Quirell's turban
  • On Christmas, Hagrid was drunk and he gave McGonagall a small kiss on the cheek and she giggled
  • Harry thought that Snape could read his mind (Occlumency)
  • Mr. Weasley magically expanded the Anglia to fit in all the trunks and the kids
  • Ginny forgot her diary on the way to Hogwarts and the Weasley's had to turn around and go back home to get it
  • Underaged wizards are allowed to do magic in an emergency (everyone knows this already tho!)
  • The plate of sandwiches Ron and Harry got for dinner in Snape's office after they ran into the Whomping
  • Willow kept refilling itself
  • In the howler from Mrs. Weasley, she says that five or six muggles had seen the car flying
  • Ron notes that Fred and George had driven it a hundred times and hadn't been seen
  • "He says he's done." Ron talking about Gilderoy Lockhart
  • "My name was down for Eton, you know." Justin- Hufflepuf
  • Hermione had outlined all her classes with Lockhart in hearts on her schedule
  • Colin keeps saying to Harry "A boy in my class said..."

By Morgan Mielnick

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