Fair pairs

There's one thing that's come up in almost everyone's minds at least one time or another...... Who would make a good 'couple'?
Now, there are many, many posibilities.............

  • Harry and Ginny- personally, I think that Harry is more of the seventh brother that Ginny never had... Harry looks out for her and cares for her, but I don't think they would looks too good together...
  • Harry and Hermione- Hermione might admire Harry for how brave he is, but since they're 'best friends' maybe a relationship more than this would be too much to handle, especially with Ron around......
  • Harry and Myrtle (ha ha ha just kidding)- Personally, I think we'll have to wait until Harry dies to see this happen. And even when he does die, he'll probably want to go and stay with Sirius, not stay and hang out with Myrtle forever...
  • Harry and Cho- They've tried this, and it didn't work out. I think that Cho was using Harry to get information on Cedric. But, maybe Cho really did like Harry. Perhaps she admired him in some way, and getting info on Cedric was just an added plus. I don't think that this relationship will work out, because Harry isn't too fond of getting yelled at in a public place. And at teh end of Ored of teh Phoenix, he didn't seem really interested in Cho anymore.
  • Harry and Lavender or Parvati- It doesn't seem like Harry would bother. Parvati nagged him during the Yule ball, and he didn't seem terribly interested by her. Harry and Lavender don't seem to have much in common either. Lavender and Harry seem like total opposites and I don't really think Harry would spend his time on her.
  • Ron and Hermione- I think that Ron and Hermione do have their fights, but it may be that they like each other. Ron seemed pretty jelous of Victor Krum when Hermione and Krum were together. Rona nd Hermione do have their moments, like at the end of the second book. Or, if you watch in the movie, they did a wonderful job of resisting one another's hugs. Yet, they do like to bug each other a lot and that might show that they might just end up as always being friends, nothing more.
  • Ron and Cho- Ron does seem to be interested in people's beauty (We see this when he is looking for a date to the Yule Ball in the Goblet of Fire) and we've heard of Cho's beauty thoughout the books. If Cho was using Harry, she could use Ron (only with a little more difficulty). But, perhaps they will not be attracted to one antoher
  • Ron and Lavendar or Parvati- I don't really know about either of these pairs. Lavender and Parvati don't seem to like Ron that much. In fact they don't seem to like to tolerate him some of the time. Lavender and Parvati are very interseted by fortune telling and Trelawny, and Ron doesn't seem very excited by this. They don't have a lot in common, and they don't seem like they appeal to each another.
  • Hermione and Draco- During the Chamber of Secrets, Draco speaks and he says "Watch out Mudbloods" a few times. He could be directing this to Hermione, yet doesn't tell it to her face. This may because he wants to protect her, but doesn't want to reveal his feelings, because of his father being a Death Eater and Harry being his father's boss's enemy. Draco might have feelings for Hermione and her smartness. He might admire her for that. Although, the alternative is what people think normally; that Draco and Hermione will never become a "couple" because of their differences and their hatred, not only between themselves, but their friends and their families.
  • Hermione and one of the twins- George and Fred seem very, very silly, and care-free. Hermione seems too mature and responsible to be paired with one of them. But after their big scene in Order of the Phoenix, and the boys showing their independence, and opening their own shop, Hermione might see this as the twins getting more mature and less childish. Hermione might fall for one (or both of them, because they're a lot alike- and looks couldn't be the reason she liked one over the other).
  • Hermione and Percy- Percy did seem to be a lot like Hermione through the first few books. Although, when we met him again, in Book Five, he seemed a little different. I think that if Percy really meant what he said in the note to Ron, that Hermione and Precy would be an pair that's out of the question. Yet, if he was just fooling someone (maybe doing secret work for the Order and not being able to let Ron or Ron's friends know about it), Hermione could admire this and they could be a pair.
  • Hermione and Krum- They both seem to have common interests and they seemed to enjoy each others' company dunring the fourth book. They seemed to have a relationship going for a while, yet we haven't heard about Viktor Krum since the fourth book. I think we'll have to wait and see waht has happened between Hermione and Krum....

Could there be more pairs to come? Well, of course! But we'll have to see what J.K. makes of them........

By Morgan Mielnick

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