Percy, we see, is acting strangely in Order of the Phoenix. It seems like he doesn't want to be part of the Weasley family anymore! Well, I have two possible ideas:

Idea One: I don't personally think that Percy Weasley really is going to leave the family for good. Acctually, I think quite the contrary... Fred, George, Hermione, Ron and Harry are all too young to be in the Order of the Phoenix. Well, what about Percy? Perhaps he's been hding something from his brothers, Harry and Hermione. Maybe he's in the Order and he's on a mission, a job. I think that Percy's too much of a goody two-shoes to let his whole family go. I think that perhaps, he's on Dumbledor's side, and since everyone on Dumbledor's side thinks that Voldemort has come back, Percy's trying to fight it. And for the owl that Percy sends Ron about hanging out with Harry and how he thinks it's a bad idea...

There are two possible outcomes here also: Percy's trying to throw Ron and Harry off-base so that they don't suspect that he's doing something secret for the Order, or: he is kind of a nut, so maybe he thinks Ron will get hurt (By Voldemort??) if he hangs out with Harry. I think that Percy has enough sense to tell that Harry is being stalked, and he's trying to be killed. Does Percy know the meaning of a best friend? He knows that Voldemort doesn't mind to kill people that get in his way. Maybe he sees Ron, and how he tries to save Harry (**in the first book, for example, Ron tells Harry that he has to go on, not him, not Hermione, Harry... Then, he sacrafices himself so that Harry can win the chess game**). Percy could be feeling just the opposite of what J.K. wants us to think!!!!!

Now, the second possibility: Percy could have totally popped a gasket and really following in Crouch's footsteps. He could be abandoning his family, and thinking all about the Ministry. If this is the deal, I think that Percy will swallow his pride and say sorry to his family. He could've heard what happened to Crouch... The guy finally gave in and rescued his son from Azkaban! Percy isn't that dim-witted (I don't think).
If Percy doesn't shelve his feelings and say sorry to his family, I have a feeling that he'll be up in the ranks at the ministry. But, yet, I have a feeling that he'll be another to die off...

By Morgan Mielnick

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