Picture Prefect

The pictures in Dumbledor's office are very special. Dumbledore can talk to the pictures, yet the people in the pictures are long past gone and dead. If Dumbledor can talk to the pictures in his office of dead, past headmasters, can Harry talk to his picture of his parents and Sirius? Or do Dumbledor's pictures have special charms on them so that they can be preserved and people can converse with them.

I'm sure that the reason the pictures can talk isn't because of the mood, feeling or anything in Dumbledor's office, because one of the past headmasters leaves his picture several times during Order of the Phoenix and travels to 12 Grimmauld Place. Yet, these pcitures aren't the only ones that can talk to people outside of their frames. Most all of the pictures in the Hogwarts' halls are 'alive' and can be talked to. The fat Lady, Sir Cadogan, and others.

Can only special pictures talk? Or maybe this only applies to portraits, so they're the only pictures that can talk to outsiders. But, some of the portraits that Harry and his friends talk to are paintings (and the fruit bowl, though it doesn't talk, in the fourth book can be tickled and it giggles).

Most wizard photos, it seems, are bewitched to move, but only some appear to be able to be heard. Perhaps, like the moving pictures, the talking pictures are bewitched. But it seems funny that there should be a charm out there so that anyone could bewitch a picture to talk. People on the dark side could use this to get useful information. And if there is a charm (and Harry thinks about the talking, moving pictures) it seems to me that he would try and get the charm to be able to talk to his parents and Sirius.

So wha'ts the deal with these pictures? How come some have powers that others don't. Maybe it has something to do with the method of how they're developed. Maybe it's the kind of ink, or paint, or coloring you use. But something very strange about these pictures seems to be in their midst......

By Morgan Mielnick

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