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I've been getting lots of e-mails concerning my column about the moving pictures... So here's to you guys who e-mailed me...
First, my friends have told me about how Collin told Harry that someone told him he could develop his pictures in a special potion that would make them move... That's a good point. I will admit that I hadn't thought about that while writing the first column, so thanks to everyone who wrote in telling me this!
But here's what's wondering me... I was reading Sorcerer's Stone over the other day and it said "Harry had caught Ron prodding Dean's poster of West Ham football team, trying to make the players move." Now... If Ron thinks he could do this, make them move with his wand, then appearantly there isn't just one way. Even if Ron didn't know what he was doing, don't you think that there must be at least one other way to make pictures move than by developing them in a special solution? I think there has to be. Not everyone could probably afford that special potion. And, if moving pictures are so regular in the wizarding world, why would someone need to tell this to Collin? We know that he always has his camera, which means he probably knows a little about film and sofourth. So why hadn't he known this before...?
ALSO... The potion might be the reason for pictures to move, but to make them be able to TALK and INTERACT with people (especially after they're dead, i.e. Sirius' mother's portrait and the ones in Dumbledor's office). Yet, perhaps this could jsut be the portraits. I'd still like to know though; how would someone make a picture move? Portrait or photo? Well, we know one possible solution for the photograph.
AND, if Harry did find a way to make his pictures talk... Do you think that making them talk have to be done in the process of developing the picture (if so, there might be a way- take a picture of the picture of Sirius... It might come out blurry, but it might just work)? Or, could Harry put a spell or a hex on the current picture he has of Sirius. And also, if Harry does find a way to talk to his pictures, will Sirius know everything that he did when he died? Will he know he would be sent to Azkaban for 12 years for being charged of the murder of his best friend? Because, the picture was taken at Lily and James' wedding, before Sirius even met Harry to be able to have a conversation.
If anyone has theories, send them in...
Also, getting off topic a bit, but... Other possible ways of seeing Sirius again would be, maybe, to use a time turner... In this case he'd probably have to beg Hermione to take lots of classes again (which Hermione probably wouldn't do...), or be tricky and find a time turner somewhere else. Another way still, to see Sirius though, is to go back to the department of mysteries and look behind that veil. I have a slight feeling that Luny Luna Lovegood could be right this time...

By Morgan Mielnick

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