Taking sides

While Hagrid didn't get the giants on the side of Harry Potter, we don't know if Voldemort has gotten to them either (although it seems likely that he's tried). And since the Dementors aren't cooperating on a regular basis (even if it WAS Umbridge who sent them on Harry that night in Privet Drive), are they taking sides too? And what about the other creatures? The other species? Can they choose to help one side or the other?

Like, the grindylows, or the thestrals? It seems like the thestrals seem quite happy at Hogwarts, yet you never know about the other thestrals not at Hogwarts. The grindylows like boarding in the big lake in front of the Wizard school also. But, like the centaurs, do the Grindylows feel like it's their space?

Will all of the creatures have to choose a side near the end? Will they have to fight, or will they be left alone? It seems to me that Voldemort might try and occupy as many soldiers as possible, so he might talk to all of the creatures he can. Maybe not. There are so many other creatures, like the mermaids, the spiders in the dark forest, phoenix, owls, elves, and the fascinating creatures that Luna Lovegood had talked about during the fifth book. The mermaids helped out with the Triwizard Tournement during the fourth book, so they must be on good terms with the wizards, or at least the ones at Hogwarts; the spiders don't seem too friendly, but Aragog wouldn't join the side of evil, which is fighting against his owner; the phoenix we know (Fawkes) seems to be on the side of Dumbledor, yet we do not know of the other phoenix; the owls could be on either side, or both, because both sides must need owls, although the dark side might not like the idea of the owls as much, for fear that the owl could be easily intercepted, and might take another way of communication; the house elves like Dobby and the ones who work in Hogwarts seem to like the 'good' side, although the elves who have been mistreated, like Kreacher, might fancy the side of Voldemort. Now we're not sure if the tales that Luna tell are all true, yet she tells of mystical creatures quite well.

Are some of the creatures mad because there are two sides, instead of peace among everyone? Or are there more being out there in the Wizarding world that are like the centaurs, who don't want to take sides, because they dislike humans?

Maybe, all of the creatures won't have to take sides. But personally I think that there will be a huge fight or battle between all of the people on the 'good' side and the 'bad' side (or 'light' side and 'dark' side- if you prefer Starwars terms). I think that J.K. Rowling will want to leave her series off by ending the last book with a BANG! But maybe, killing Voldemort off will be big enough to suit her, and there will be no big fight or battle.

But, if it does come to a point when most of the species are recruted, there might be slight problems. I'm not sure all of the creatures of one species will all be on one side or the other. Because, like the wizards, they might separate into two groups. There might be at least one creature on one side, and the rest of their species on the other (for example: Firenze might be the only centaur on Dumbledor's side, and Grawp might be the only Giant on Dumbledor's side). I think that having a good, strong army might have its advantages, like being able to fight, but it might have its disadvantages, too. There might be more fighting because of the increase of soldiers (if there is an increase, and the creatures take sides). It might kill off many of the people, and creatures, and create more hostility between them.

By Morgan Mielnick

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