Harry's Scar

The question has been raised before. Why is Harry's scar in the shape of a lightning bolt? Is it for a no reason? Or does it mean something more?
We do know that Harry's scar hurts him when Voldermort is near or is feeling particulary murderous, as Dumbledore has said. But what is the meaning of the lightning bolt? Could it mean that Harry has powers to do with a lightning? Or maybe Voldermort had Lightning powers and transfered them to Harry as well as the power to talk to snakes.
But this raises further questions. Did Voldermort lose his powers when he transfered them to Harry? Or did he just transfer half of his powers to Harry? Maybe he didn't transfer them, but copied them? This also raises he question of what other powers did he give to Harry.
I think that Voldermort's powers were copied when he gave them to Harry. Also I think that some other powers Voldermort gave Harry are:
1.Ability to use dark magic
2.Abilty to use some kind of lightning power(his scar)
3.Ability to talk to other animals other than snake.
4.Abilty to become animagus
Maybe J.K. Rowling will answer a few of these questions in further books.

By Chelsea Preen

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