What Will Happen to Harry?

The moment Book 5 was finished, that was the question that flashed through our minds, just as we do with every book.

The intentions that Voldemort has had all along are starting to unfold, and as surprising as they are, they appear to me to be outlying the future expectations of the next two books. In Book 5 we saw this prophecy that was deemed extremely important. The Order of the Phoenix was intent on protecting this from the grasps of Voldemort. Why? Because it gave him information, but little information in my opinion. There was little Voldemort could learn that was of great significance. Harry had unknown powers yes, but, surely Voldemort knew this by now. Any attempts made by Voldemort to kill Harry had been flauted. Surely this was enough to expect unimagianble power from "the boy who lived."

I belive that the fact that in the end, Voldemort will kill Harry or vice versa shows us the end of Book 7, which perhaps is a good thing. I mean obviously, I and everyone else are clueless as to how Book 7 will end properly, but the general perspective is, one will kill the other. Do we immediately expect Harry to kill Voldemort? We know by now that J K Rowling is prepared to kill off good characters. I think that if Harry kills Voldemort, than Dumbledore will die. Why you ask? Well Dumbledore's roll as the only one he ever feared is starting to change. Voldemort assumes that Harry is not powerful at all, and treats him with arrogance, but is afraid of Dumbledore because of Dumbledore's power. So imagine this. Voldemort will battle Dumbledore, he has no knowledge of the ending of the Prophecy, thinking it is Dumbledore who remains the biggest threat. I think he will win, because only Harry can kill Voldemort, as we learnt several weeks ago whilst intently hanging off every word the book engrossed us in.

Is this fate unavoidable, no. But I belive that this idea that only Harry can kill Voldemort will play the biggest role. Many more people are likely to die. I don't want to have to go into theories contesting my thoughts which put Dumbledore as an evil character into view. I'll just say, Dumbledore just can't be evil. I don't see it, I don't see the reasoning and I don't see why things would have turned out in the fashion they have done, if Dumbledore's intentions were less than helpful. If you want to argue this point further, I don't. I can't give you any more reasoning than I have done.

But back to the real issue. Harry's fate. As I've said, he will kill or be killed, inevetably. As for the prospects he will face at Hogwarts I don't know. Certainly people will tread lightly around him, deeply apologetic for what they said about him, and this year will be even more dark, now that the darkness has been acknowledged, which is a scary thought, that addressing the darkness opens the box up. For Book 5, Umbridge waas a complete surprise, as is most of Harry's school year. Will we learn more about James and Lily Potter? Yes of course, but those of you who think there are surprising facts to learn, should consider exactly what. I've heard rumours that Lily Potter was a Death Eater. Where's the evidence for that? I think that idea is ridiculous. She died to save Harry's life, she fought in the order, come on, put some thought into your convictions. Will there be wars, almost certainly, more death? Most definately. I think we should expect this next installment to rattle us emotionally senseless, to make us think more than ever before, and maybe we will finally see into the mind of Voldemort, and see why he does what he does.

So, I expect we have a while to wait. Not 3 years again I think. I am guessing at a year and a half and a a nice and safe opptimistic guess. Rowling has no deadline, so I think neither should we. For now, re-read no.5 and all the others, search for the hidden clues, and whatever you do, don't give up on the magic of J K Rowling, despite A.S. Byatt's shocking review. I cannot make an outcome of what's in store just yet, but I feel, almighty Dumbledore must end soon. I think the best always will, and I will still be just as shocked and hurt if it ever comes, for by no means do I think my judement is binding.

Soon we will see.

by William Hannam

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