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XXX planned his own death (by Adarsh Nadig) -
... a entirely different manner and I also want to draw attention to few facts which other fans have missed ... Read More
Searching for clues (by HPF Webmaster)
... while re-reading book 6 with more attention while writing summaries I noticed some peculiarities. First of all, ... Read More
Accept the tragedy (by Bambi)
... but there are also a few things which make me think that if XXX does make a comeback in the seventh book, it might be only ... Read More
Book 6 - Thoughts. Book 7 - Propositions. (by Mark)
... Is XXX still on the side of "good"?
I believe that XXX is, and always was. I wonder if maybe during their time at Hogwarts ... Read More
Snapes greatest secret? (by Filksinger)
... have figured out Snape's greatest secret. It is a secret that explains everything... Read More
Draco Malfoy (by Mary McGowan)
... Things would have turned out very differently in the entire series if Harry had taken the hand of friendship extended by Draco... Read More
Book six - 6 (by Morgan Mielnick)
Who's Snape (by Heos)
..look at his face when Filch was distress by mrs. norris' death! he was "trying hard not to smile"!!... Read More
BOOK 3 SPOILER!! Prizoner of Azkaban (by Morgan Mielnick)
As some of you may know, Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban comes to movie theatres on June 4th, 2004 ... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Sibyll Trelawney: Great Great Granddaugter of the Famous Seer (by Morgan Mielnick)
...she has been even more related with the personal goings-on of Harry's life. Even though... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Harry and XXX (by Rachel)
There is no doubt in my mind that Harry will end up with... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! The mystery room (by Farhat)
You must have all wondered what that locked room in the department of mysteries contains. Well... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Luna Lovegood (by Mary McGowan)
In Order of the Phoenix, a (in my opinion at least) great and interesting character was introduced: Luna Lovegood. A year below Harry, Ravenclaw, quirky and seen as loony by most.... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! What You See is What You Get...NOT (by Morgan Mielnick)
There are some characters mentioned in the Harry Potter books who I think could be more than what they seem... Read More
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Readers Submissions (by Mary McGowan)
...Here are e-mails sent to me, along with my analysis.... Read More
BOOK 1 SPOILER!! Interesting Facts on S.S. and C.O.S. (by Morgan Mielnick)
I've been reading the books over, and here are some facts that I didn't notice the first time through Read more  
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Aditional Couples (by Morgan Mielnick)
Here are some couples that could come up in future books that I didn't have in my earlier column:. Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Little Things That Often Go Unnoticed (by Mary McGowan)
`...stuff that's not included that we don't really think about, but when we notice a missing detail, it makes us wonder. .... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Say Cheese! (by Morgan Mielnick)
I've been getting lots of e-mails concerning my column about the moving pictures... So here's to you guys who e-mailed me... First,... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Denying The Book 5 Death (by Mary McGowan)
From browsing on a few Harry Potter fansites, I gather that there are quite a few people that are denying XXX' death in book 5, saying that it was all a hoax somehow .... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Percy (by Morgan Mielnick)
... what about Percy? Perhaps he's been hding something from ...Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Death by Chocolate (by Morgan Mielnick)
... The pictures in Dumbledor's office are very special. Dumbledore can talk to the pictures, yet the people.... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Ron's Future (by Mary McGowan)
... There's no reason not to think that Ron will play an important role in his final years at Hogwarts... and he could quite possibly never live to see the end of his seventh year.... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Picture Prefect (by Morgan Mielnick)
... The pictures in Dumbledor's office are very special. Dumbledore can talk to the pictures, yet the people.... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Fair pairs (by Morgan Mielnick)
... Who would make a good 'couple'? Now, there are many, many posibilities..... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Hints for book 6 / 7 (by the webmaster)
Did anybody ever wonder why XX's parents were put under the Cruciatus Curse into insanity by the YYY? I have some wild guess. Maybe they were... Harry Potter

... I have found some things 'suspicious' in book 5 and have actually put these in the chapter summaries... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Taking sides (by Morgan Mielnick)
... are they taking sides too? And what about the other creatures? The other species? Can they choose to help one side or the other?... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Never Trust the Quiet Ones (by Denise Golden)
So there we were, engrossed in the latest Harry Potter book (the third), when WHAM! JK hit us with another character... Read more Potter
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! The All-knowing Albus Dumbledore (by Denise Golden)
... not be suspicious of Dumbledore? How is it that he always seems to know everything, despite the fact that no one informed him? For example... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Marauder's gang in Slytherin, Harry not the descendant! (by Katherine Cochran)
... that Harry's father James was in Slytherin right? OK, now your probably wondering, how in the world I've gotten to that conclusion ... Read more
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! What Will Happen to Harry? (by William Hannam)
.... is, one will kill the other. Do we immediately expect Harry to kill .... read more?
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! Minister of Magic XXXXX? (by Amanda Smith)
Could XXXXX be the next Minister of Magic? Astounding new evidence seems to indicate that this is a possibility. Well, after the fifth book, Cornelius Fudge's.... read moreHarry Potter
BOOK 5 SPOILER!! No Plot for Potter (by HPF webmaster)
I think book 5 has a poor story ending. Don't misunderstand it, replica rolex I liked the book as reading material. The final story and plot explanation simply does not satisfy me. I think JKR left options unused which could have made the plot more exciting.... Read more

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