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Judy Nathanson
• Gramatical correction for summaries book 1, 2, 3 and 4
• Entries of HPF Poetry-section
Judy Nathanson is a retired theater arts teacher and one of the oldest "Harry Potter" enthusiasts. She has been writing poetry all her life, and has had one book and several poems published.
Her web site, features her poetic character studies and plot summaries of the "Harry Potter" books, a fan-fiction short story called "Lifeline", a good-natured spoof of the stories called "Potter Roast" and songs she has written.
Kylie Van Eerden
• Artwork entry
Kylie Van Eerden, besides being one of the column writers, she also send it some amazing entry of Buckbeak. See the artsection to see her work, made using a very thin blade held in a special scalpel, and cutting out images into paper and then backing them onto coloured paper. It takes approximately 1-5 hours to complete one of them, depending on the complexity of the work.


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