Harry Potter and the exchange students.

It was a hot summer day in july. But it wasn't England, it was the United states of America. In a small town of south Florida lay vero beach. There held one of the only wizard and witchcraft schools in America. Oakledge Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Oakledge Has been friends with Hogwarts for many centuries. But now oakledge and Hogwarts are making a meaningful connection. About two days before the second term ended at Hogwarts last year professor Dumbledore received an owl. This owl was from America from a dear friend of his. Professor Daniel-ryan. He had suggested a student exchange program and Dumbledore fell in love with the idea. ....

"I'm bored" said Brian Davison who was writing out a chart for his divination class. "yeah me to" who's bright idea was it to give us homework over the summer? said Brian. Like Hogwarts oakledge believed in homework over the summer. Probably our charms teacher. "Hey look" said Brian M. you've got an owl. Who do you think it is? dunno lets take a look. It's a letter from oakledge, suddenly another dark brown owl swept down and passed a letter to Brian M. mines from oakledge also. Shall we open them? OK here it goes

Dear Mr Davison,
you and a few other selected students have been chosen to be apart of an amazing event. The Oakledge - Hogwarts "student exchange program" with permission from your parents you will travel to England to study for the whole year at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. There we hope you and your fellow classmates will learn to live (and study) in peace and harmony with other students at Hogwarts. If you are planning to attend please send a letter written and signed by your parents. And Mr Davison from your recent history at Oakledge we have charm spells to detect forgery. At Hogwarts unlike Oakledge there are certain houses there you will attend. Your houses will be like your family and you will all be sorted into them once arrived at Hogwarts there's Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin I trust all of you will not do anything to dishonor Oakledge. On this letter you will see the list of students who have been chosen to attend Hogwarts.

Brian Davison Katy Barnard
Jamie Thatcher Brian Mughan
Brian Mitchell Brandyn Nutter
Chris montgomery Chris Tolliver
Tyler starnes Chris Coppage
Brandon Cunningham April Chardt
Susan Coppage Eric Mitchell
James Toupin Tim Seiler
Shawn Mughan Chris Ollivari

As it stands you are all six and seventh year students and we feel that you will take this responsible for some of you will graduate and some are about to the following year. So you have no time to fix your mistakes if any were made. I hope you are enjoying your summer .

Professor Dainel-Ryan
P.S - Your divination homework is still due as scheduled.

Wow this is bizarre, were going to England to study at Hogwarts" said Brian D. That's where harry potter attends school. This is great. What dose he mean by "sorting" said Brian D. and houses? I think it's just like where you sleep said Brian M.well I better go then so I can ask my mom I'll send you an owl to let you know Later man. That Mitchell he is a nice boy, Oh yeah thanks mom. Any ways Oakledge sent me a letter today . This early in the summer? said Ruth Davison who was Brian's mom.

Yeah that's what I thought but it wasn't our usual what spell books we needed or materials it was a letter about this new "student exchange program" Mom, I have been chosen to go attend at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry said Brian proudly. Wow I'm so proud of you, ill send an owl to your dad right away ...So I can go? said Brian apprehensively. Why of course you can, well you have to write a letter to Oakledge giving my permission. Brian Ran up to his room as fast as his feet could take him, the excitement of going to England and meeting Harry Potter was over whelming. Suddenly the phone was ringing, louder than usual. Hello? oh hey! Brian my mom said I could go to Hogwarts. Me to! said Brian M. did you notice all of our friends are on this list? said Brian M,

Now that you mention it yes, Well we did make the best scores on our O.W.Ls then everybody else did on our fifth year. Yeah that's true especially defense against dark arts. My mom is writing my letter to Oakledge now. So is mine said Brian M. Well I have to go I want to work on learning more spells before we get to Hogwarts. Good idea . July seemed to pass by very slow indeed, finally it was August and on the 10nth of August Brian received another owl from Oakledge.

Dear Mr. Davison,
We have reviewed your letter (no forgery was found) and all of us at Oakledge are glad that you have decided to attend. You will be leaving to England on the 15nth of August first thing you must do is gather up the required items that is needed to attend Hogwarts. Hogwarts is a little bit different than Oakledge. You will not be aloud to leave the campus anytime you please on occasion the school will take trips to a town called Hogsmade. On your letter we received you were given permission to go. Besides that you must stay in the school. And after hours you MUST stay in your dormitories. This is very important, each of the houses compete for the "house cup" to see who was the best house academically and physically. On another note like us, they do play quiddtage. That may interest you. Points are given and taken and it would be a disgrace to know that an Oakledge student cost a house to win the cup. You will be taking flight to England by Dragons they will be the most efficient way to Hogwarts. Your departure will be taking place at Oakledge 8:00am on Sunday morning you will arrive at Hogwarts approximately 7:00 PM the same day just in time to arrive for the sorting. We all cant wait to see you and we hope that you are excited as we to be making history in this event.

Professor Daniel-Ryan
Besides that Brian received another letter containing the items that he would need to attend Hogwarts.
1. Standard book of spells grade 6 author ross pericing.
2. Black pewter cauldron.
3. divination for the advanced author agatha corting
4. Transfiguration for you and me author James Scott
5.charms and there use author lacy smith
6. A look at Defense against the dark arts author terry lance
7 standard size wand
8. Broom
each student are aloud to bring either an Owl, Toad or Cat to bring for the year.

Well this will be easy all I need is the standard book of spells grade 6 and I'm done. Well we better go to Divinchies. Hey Chris hey Brandyn what's up? Chris Tolliver who was large but with alot of agility, dirty blonde hair and glasses was a 7nth year at Oakledge and Brandyn Nutter who had dark black hair very tall and large but with power were also on the list to Hogwarts. Just getting our spell books they said. Yeah Divinchies is the place to do it. AHHHH!! EVERY BODY RUN! wha..what's going on? a bunch of dragon flies have been set loose in dungeon said Jason who was the owner and the one running. Whys that so bad? well Brian there the size of voltswagons..man that's big said Brian, well we better stop it grab your wands. All three of them payied for there items and ran down to the dungeon area. FINITE INCANTATUM! cried Chris but that did nothing but freeze the Dragon flies for a few seconds they kept charging, IMPEDIMENTA! shouted brandyn then suddenly all the Dragon flies froze in mid air. We better get store credit for this Chris said. Ok ill put all these Dragon flies back in jars said Jason

It was a humid morning, August 15th 7:30 in the morning. Now Brian dear I want you to be on your best behavior I don't want to receive any owls from Hogwarts. And DO NOT break any school rules Hogwarts is very different from Oakledge. I know said Brian D. Now I know how you and Brian get when your both together, you become masterminds of trouble. No mischief. After that was said Brian D's mom kissed him and gave him a hug then ran off to work. Will all students please come fourth! a role will be taken just to make sure all are accounted for. Brian Davison? Present. Jamie Thatcher? Here. Brian Mitchell? Here. Man I am so excited whispered Brian M. to Brian D. Yeah me to, I heard there's a great joke shop at Hogsmeade Attention everyone, now that were all accounted for I professor Autumn will be joining you to your journey to hog warts. Not only to look after you but I will be your defense of the dark arts teacher.

Don't they have a defense against the dark arts teacher Mrs Autumn? said Brian Mughan who was a 7th year student.. There seem to be a lot of Brians. But this one is very sportsy he likes any sport out there with black hair and a gotie. No Mr Mughan Hogwarts seems to have bad luck with there defense against the dark arts teachers so I have offered to take the position. WHOOSH! suddenly dirt was swirling everywhere as two Norwegian Dragons swoop down. OK everyone Aboard the ship. As the Oakledge students waved to their families the two Norwegian Dragons took flight and swept off into the distance.

The journey to Hogwarts seemed to take forever. All three of the Brian's and Tim seemed to get a little restless and started to play Wizards chess . Jamie Thatcher and Chris Coppage seemed to be discussing some anime they recently read on the Internet. Chris Tolliver, Brandyn Nutter, Brandon Cunningham, Katy Barnard, Susan Coppage, Shawn Mughan and Tyler starns were all playing Wizards Risk. Chris Montgomery was sitting down reading the newest Dragon Lance book refusing to play Risk and complaining that they play it to much. April Chardt and Eric Mitchell were playing there gameboys silently in a corner and James Toupin and Chris Ollivari were playing a Lord of the Rings card game. And Mrs Autumn was looking over her Defense against the dark arts notes.

HUZAA! said Chris T. Triumphantly I now have control of the middle east North and South America all of Africa most of Europe and Japan. There's nothing else you can do Brandyn. Brandyn N. Seemed to be the only person left in the game witch lasted about Three hours. Roll your dice and submit to defeat. Brandyn rolled his dice and the last of his Infantry was defeated Chris was the victor of the game. Want another game? said Chris arrogantly knowing that nobody wanted to play, I'm afraid you wont have time for that Mr Tolliver said Mrs Autumn. We will be arriving at Hogwarts shortly. I suggest all of you put on your robes and cloaks. It will be chilly out side.

In the sky light all the students saw majestic flicking lights every where. A very nice red roof top and a huge castle. Wow it's bigger than I thought it would be said Katy Barnard. Ah my house is bigger said Chris Montgomery sarcastically and even he was impressed with the look of Hogwarts castle. Everyone please settle down, the feast will not begin until the oakledge students have arrived and have been sorted in there houses said professor Dumbledore I don't see why we have to share our school with some other mudblood wizards whispered Draco Malfoy who was a 6th year student in the Slytherin House.

Ok students just leave your luggage here it will all be taken to your dormitories once the sorting is complete. Now I must warn you all, please be on your best behavior. Swoosh the back door to the great hall was opened. Thank you Mr Mughan, and all of the Okledge students were finally walking towards professor Dumbledore and a very old ragid hat. Some of the students were gawking at the new boys arriving. But the Slytherins seemed to be sneering at them with looks of disgust. Ah Mrs Autumn we are so happy that you have arrived said Dumbledore. Will all the Oakledge students please line up in front of the sorting hat.

Good evening, I am professor Mcgonagall head of the Gryffindor house . Some of the Gryffindor's started to cheer. And I will be helping you with the sorting. Brian Davison? called professor Mcgonagall , well here it goes whispered Brian to Brian M. Brian D. walked up to the Stool apprehensively and sat down. (Sorting hat) Hmm what's this? sorting out a 6 year? what's next magic for dummies. You have courage only in serious or dangerous situations..And you have bravery only when a friend is in trouble it had better be GRYFFINDOR!!!! The Gryffindor table started to cheer as Brian walked down to the Gryffindor table to find a seat.

Jamie Thatcher? go get em said Eric Mitchell sarcastically and Jamie gave Eric the same look the Slytherins did when they all walked in. Obviously still mad at Erics remark she sat down on the stool ill tempered. (Sorting hat) Hmm I'm leaning toward Hufflepuff. BLONDE KID? well if you want to sacrifice your true house for a boy maybe you should be in Slytherin. SLYTHERIN!!!!! and she walked over to the Slytherin table and sat in front of Draco Malfoy. What Blonde kid said Brian Mughan so loud that the all of the Oakledge students could hear him. Shawn and Eric started to snigger at him.

Brian Mitchell? Brian walked up to the stool and sat down. (Sorting hat) Hmm lets see yes. Another Brian? hmm Bravery and Courage are there. GRYFFINDOR!!! Brian D. along with the other Gryffindors started to cheer as he walked up towards the table. So Brian Davison, Brian Mitchell, Brian Mughan, Eric Mitchell, James Toupin, Chris Coppage and Chris Ollivari are in Gryffindor. Jamie Mitchell, Tim Seiler, Chris Tolliver , Tyler starnes and Katy Barnard are in Slytherin. Chris Montgomery, April Chardt and Shawn Mughan are in Hufflepuff. And Brandon Cunningham, Susan Coppage and Brandyn Nutter are in Raven claw. You seemed to be very organized, I like that said Dumbledore to Mrs Autumn. Mrs Autumn was sorting out all of the Oakledge students to there certain houses to make sure she new where everyone of her students were at. THERE'S A GHOST!!! Jamie who was sitting at the Slytherin table started to scream as a ghost popped out of the table. Don't worry said Draco Malfoy it's our house ghost there not dangerous. Well at least not to the Slytherin students.

Who is our house ghost said Chris Coppage who was talking to Hermonie Granger about a house elf petition. I am , Sir Nicholas. Chris was a little bit startled but not as much as Jamie was when she first noticed the ghost. After Brian D, and Brian M, talked with the Gryffindor's more they found it very easy to make conversation Eric Mitchell was talking to Parvati Patil because they both seemed to enjoy Lord of the Rings . Just then all of the wonderful food disappeared. Attention all first years and new students. The forbidden forest is absolutely off limits. And ye who is caught out of bed after hours will lose one hundred points Ron, Harry and Hermione looked at each other with a sort of we wont get caught this year smirk on there face. Prefects take the students up to your common rooms and get a good nights sleep.

As the students left you could see Brian Mughan eyeing Malfoy and Jamie walking together. Yeah I'm a prefect Dumbledore knows talent when he sees it. Draco was trying to impress Jamie as much as he could and from the looks of it Jamie seemed to be sulking up every bit of it with awe. Come on Gryffindors follow me , Ron was trying to impress all of the new students being a prefect. As they walked up to the Gryffindor common room they reached a portrait of a fat lady in pink dress. Aussie Moste said Hermonie trying to acknowledge her prefectism to the first years. With the pass word said the portrait opened up and they all went into the common room and sat down.

Well here is our common room you can come here and socialize when you don't have a class or it's the weekend said Harry to all three of the Brian's. Blonde kid? said JD to Brian Mugan sarcastically trying to make him mad and aroused. Who dose this kid think he is? said Zazu. I hate someone already can you believe that? that's my girl friend he is trying to impress. Well your a true Gryffindor if you hate Malfoy said Ron heartily. Harry and Hermonie laughed. This year I am ready for anything he tries to play at me said Harry, So do any of you play Quidditch? said Ron. Yeah Muhgan here plays beater I Eric play chaser. My bro Brian plays chaser and Brian Davison plays beater. Are you any good? Well we were all American back at the states. So when are the tryouts said Brian Mitchell? Tomorrow said Harry. I have a question said Hermione How are we all supposed to separate all of you Brian's and Chris's? well Brian Mughan's nick name is Zazu.

My bro we just call him Brian. And Brian Davison is called either "B" or "Big Brian" oh, I think ill write that down. Well we had all better get to bed we don't want to be late for our first classes said Hermione looking at Harry and Ron Judgmentally. Ron and harry sniggerd.On Harry's first year at Hogwarts Ron and him came in to Transfiguration class late. As they walked to there dormitories Ron was explaining to Chris Coppage that he should take Deans job as Quittage Announcer because Dean was one of the students who got exchanged. Zazu told me you were Oakledge's announcer there so you can be ours. Great I was wandering what my extra curricular activity was going to be he said sarcastically and they both laughed as turning to two separate rooms. The 6th and 7th years are in separated dormitories , Well Seamus and Neville have been exchanged so Brian and Big Brian have been switched with us said Harry.

Where should I put my Owl said Brian Mitchell the other Brian needed to know the same question. There already in the Owlery so you don't have to worry about it. Well here's my bed said Big Brian We call them four posters here but no ones perfect said Ron sarcastically they all laughed and lay there silent until falling asleep in there beds..or four posters...

It was finally morning after a long nights sleep the Oakledge students were walking towards the great hall for breakfast right before professor Autumn stopped them. Now I want to remind everyone of you. Be on your top behavior and as far as "favritisom" goes you will get no such thing from me. I will be more strict on you than I will on Hogwarts students. And a good morning to you to said Chris Tolliver very sarcasticly, all of the Oakledge students laughfed as they separated to there house tables. Lets see we have potions for the advanced for three hours then lunch, Charms and were done.

(Note: From this point on all nick names will be used. if you dont remember look it up!!!)

As Brian started to eat some bacon a fleet of owls came down and all of the Oakledge students got mail from there parents, letters of greetings, how much I miss you's, cookies, food and items they may have forgotten. Harry received a letter from Neville Longbottom. Hey everyone I have a letter from Neville , Isn't he one of the students that used to be in the dormitory I am staying in said big brian. Yeah said Harry.

Dear Harry,

I really wasn't sure who to send the letter to. And since your friends with a lot of Gryffindor's I just want to send my greetings , America is great! I love it. Oakledge is wonderful we can leave off campus if we want to..Thats over rated said JD and everyone laughed. And the teachers here are so nice. He hasn't had Charms yet said Brian sarcastically they laughed again. Well I have Charms next so I hope you all have a great year . Dean and Samus said hey and hope you have a great year to.

Sincerly , Neville Longbottom

Well I'm glad he is doing well said Harry. Yeah me to said Ron. Well lets go to our favorite class said Ron sarcastically. What's wrong with potions said JD who did very well on his O.W.L for potions, Professor Snape. Said Harry, Ron and Hermonie together. He hates Gryffindors and to make it worse he hates me said Harry. There will be no sympathy for poor or late work in this class said professor Snape coldly "like he ever has said Ron under his breath" as it stands this is the advanced potions class and I for one don't care what year your in or what school. Snape had obviously hated the Oakledge students as much as he hated Harry. For you Gryffindors that attended Hogwarts last year witch was only Ron , Harry , Hermonie and Lavender Brown, you barley made it in. But the rules say you made it. And for you new Gryffindors you are the best in your school and there will be no excuses. Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle who were Malfoys right hand men started to snicker....

By Brian Davison (mail Brian)

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