FAQ Harry Potter Facts

  • Q: Will there be chapter summaries of book 7?
    A: No. I just can't spare the time to do it. If anybody wants to volunteer writing them, feel free to contact us.
  • Q: Why does a particular object/name/creature/word not show all the chapters it appears in?
    A: To prevent the site becoming too clowded or difficult to search in, every name, word, object or creature only has listed the first time it appears in Harry Potter books and every "relevant" chapter thereafter.
  • Q: So how should I find some particular passage or chapter about a subject if it does not show all?
    A: I advise you to do that by looking for passages or chapters of other words/objects/creatures/names which you know are also in that particular passage or chapter (the ones which will are more specific because they appear less in the books)
  • Q: Why are some linked named of people written in Bold ( Ron ) and others not ( Ron ) ?
    A: Names of people written like this: Ron Weasley, means that this person is actualy present in the story. Names of people written like this: Ron Weasley, mean that these names arerefered to or talked about, but not actualy present. This is to improve following/reading the chapters as a story.
    TIP: Sometimes a character/person is mentioned in a particular chapter because it is important for the story/timeline/connections. He might be mentioned in the following chapter although he is not be refered to in the chapter listing (because it is not important for the context)
  • Q: Why is a object/name/creature/word only "linked" once on the chapter pages, although it appears several times?
    A: To keep a better overview of the chapter pages, i decided not to "link" every single time but just the first one. Since one particular name might appear more then ten times on a page, the page would become a real puzzle.
    TIP: Your Internet-browser has it's own 'search' option. Use this to quickly find all the places in the text where the object/name/creature/word appears.
  • Q: I have a 'small' monitor and i can hardly see the content of the site, what do i do?
    A: It is possible and quit probabe that you have a monitor resolution of 640 x 480. One of the solutions is to change this to 800 x 600 or higher. Users of Internet Explorer could try the F11 - key on the top of the keybord to temporarily minimise the bars of your browser (and F11 again to return to normal)
  • Q: I can't seem to find some personages in the 'names-list'
    A: Some of the personages who are not 100% human, like ghosts and characters in paintings, you'll find in the 'list of creatures'
  • Q: Will the Wizard Game have more then 2 levels in the future?
    A: I hope so ;-). This site is a private project and any new additions or changes will depend on how much 'spare time' (no-working-time) i have left.
  • Q: Can i play the game when i'm not online, download it or play it at any other form or place besides on the site?
    A: Not at this moment, especialy since the highscore will only work when played from within this site?
  • Q: How can i aply to wrte my own column?
    A: Go check out the Column section found in the main menu.


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