By Danielle Gennaro

The Mirror of Erised

Tempting, yes, but truthful, no,
It sits and waits for those
Who plainly give up sanity
For all the dreams it shows.

Tho seeming there it's really not,
It's all inside their head,
They're dreams that later haunt them while
They lie awake in bed.

It shows them not as they are seen
Nor future it predicts,
But shows their deepest heart's desire
While happiness it pricks.

"It does not do to dwell on dreams,"
They all were once foretold,
But still they wasted all their lives
With souls as good as sold.

As days were passed and months went by
They barely stayed alive,
While still they waited for what surely
Never would arrive.

Throughout their life, for all their days,
Delerium it nursed
While led into denial, none of
Them were blessed, but cursed.

The more they watched, the more they breathed
Their life from what it gave
And could not bear to pull away
Until they reached their grave.

But its haunting still was far from gone
And stole their every breath
When they found that the torture stayed
With them beyond their death.

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