Who will fill what job in book 5?

Here's some speculations about who might be filling vacant teachers jobs or replace current teachers jobs in book 5

• I'm positive that Mcgonnagal will be temporary Headmaster for Hogwarts after Dumbledore's fight with Fudge. That leaves transfiguration and DADA classes open jobs. Fleur Delacroix has to get some job so mabey that could be transfiguration since in book four on the secound task, she couldn't beat the grindylows even though at Hogwarts third years know that. For DADA class I like the idea of Arrabella Figg because who else could it be? Mabey Sirius but didn't Rowling say that it would be female? (Landra)

• I think that Fleur delacour will come back and either help snape as an assistant and they fall in love later on or she will fully take over potions because in the end of book 4 snape has to go round up the old gang with sirus.

Also one of the so called "gang" will take up the job for dada(defense against the dark arts)

Or will a gost come to get a job??? (Yvon)

• I have heard many rumors about who may fill which job I think that Lupin is going to come back. Lupin is a great influence on Harry and I think Lupin will help Harry in his fith year not to get killed by Voldemort for the fith time (fourth not counting third year where there was no face to face conection to Voldemort). I also think that Lupin will brake the so called "curse" of the defense against the dark arts job and stay for the rest of Harrys Hogwarts education. (Laura Reidy)

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