General speculations about Crookshanks

Here's some general Speculations about Hermione's cat Crookshanks

• My theory on Crookshank is that the cat is really Harry's mother reincarnated. The red hair, the green eye's i mean coincidence?? the cat new that "Scabbers" really was not a rat and was infact Peter, and was also scoalizing with Sirius ,who harry thought was the death oman. Either that or Arabella is an Animagus (i'm not saying that she is or that she isn't its just a theory)and she can turn herself into a cat. No one knows what she looks like there for we cannot say that she has red hair and green eyes, but the only doubts that i have about this (Crookshank being Harry's mom or being Arabella) is that Crookshank is a boy cat and Harry's mom and Arabella are girls so??? (Shannon Cooper)

• I don't know if it will come up in future books or not, but I think Crookshanks is more than just a cat. In the Comic Relief book called "Fantastic Beasts and where to find them" I found a creature called a Kneazle. Here is what is said about it:

Kneazle: The kneazle was original bred in Britain, though it is now exported worldwide. A small cat-like creature with flecked, speckled, or spotted fur, outsize ears and a tail like a lion's, the Kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes a liking to a witch or wizard, it makes an excellent pet. The Kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavory or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost. Kneazles have up to eight kittens in a litter and can interbreed with cats. Licences are required for ownership as Kneazles are sufficiently unusual in appearance to attract Muggle interest.

The physical description of Crookshanks seems that he looks like a regular cat so I suspect it is a cat-kneazle mix. The mental attributes is what attracted my attention. Crookshanks was always trying to get Scabbers, who we know is unsavory and crookshanks was pretty aggressive in the shrieking shack when it was trying to protect Sirius Black (whom Crookshanks took a liking to).

The thing that could come up in later books is the ability to lead its owner home and maybe the unsavory character thing again.

I am surprised that Hermione has not realized this part of her cat since the Kneazle is supposed to be described in one of her textbooks which she supposedly memorized. (Elangomatt)

"...the kneazle is intelligent, independent, and occasionally aggressive, though if it takes to liking a witch or wizard it can make an excellent pet. The kneazle has an uncanny ability to detect unsavoury or suspicious characters and can be relied upon to guide its owner safely home if they are lost."

Well, now we know what Crookshanks is. Perhaps one of the three main characters will get lost in the future and will need Crookshanks to help?! (Diana)

• I suppose, Crookshanks was at Arabella Figgs in the first book, but given away by her. It´s said, that she had her foot broken because of an accident with one of her cats. Crookshanks has a smashed face and was at the pet-shop for a very long time. Maybe Harry can´t remember him or he was on a stroll while he was babysitted bei Mrs. Figgs.
. (Timo)
• I dont believe that abrella figg is actually crookshanks, mainly because he is a boy. I think that crookshanks is an animagi though, because it seemed to want to protect harry at all costs, when it saw harry in the pet shop in diagon ally, it launched itself at scabbers, because the wizard/witch knew that it was peter ( maybe someone did know peter was animagi, and alerted someone ) and throughout the book, it tries to get peter, even before it met up with sirius, and referring to someone's previous post, this would link in to it being a trapped wizard/witch, maybe one of james/sirius/lupin's friends who we havent heard of yet, that also tried to transform and got stuck, then the person would know of peter (nick)

• Regarding Mrs. Figg being Crookshanks, I don't think that's possible. Not
that she couldn't be an Animagus, but because Crookshanks is male. There is
no indication of gender-switching in the spells we've seen so far. Even
when brewing the Polyjuice potion, Hermione took (what she thought was) the
hair of a female.
(Lisa Hilton)

•I have an argument to the Crookshanks/Mundungus Fletcher/Mrs. Figg theories. It is actually quite simple. Crookshanks is Hermionie's cat. What about all of the times when Mundungus was doing his duties? Wouldn't Hermionie notice that Crookshanks was missing all the time? What about when Mrs. Figg was supposed to be with Harry. THe same situation would occur. It is impossble for Crookshanks to be an animagus.

•JKR has already said (well nearly anyway) that Crookshanks is part kneazle. She said to have a look in Fantastic beasts & were to find them. I was convinced after reading PoA a second time that this was the case, & recently JKR confirmed this on an online chat, with the above statement, what else could she have ment?. (Mac+Dale)

•In OOTP on page 22, Mundungus Fletcher is described as being "squat" "bandy legged" as well as having "ginger hair". These same words are often used to describe Crookshanks. We also know that Sirius and Crookshanks seem to have a special relationship, perhaps it is because they are both animagi. Perhaps Mundungus was biding his time in that pet shop as Crookshanks keeping an eye on things until the day that Ron brought Scabbers (Pettigrew) in. (Erin Frye)

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