Why did Barty go through all the trouble of the tournament ?

This one is in some way more a "question" then a speculation.

Book fours plot revolves entirey around Barty ensuring Harry wins the tournament so he can be transported to Voldy when he grabs the cup. Barty goes to a great amount of trouble to ensure that the plan works. Why was this necessary. Why didn't Moody simply use a portkey to transport himself and Harry straight to Voldmort on the first day of term?

• Well, this is only a guess, but I think that Voldemort wanted to prove to his followers that he could defeat Harry Potter in a duel. Having Harry win the tournament helps prove to them that he is a talented wizard, more talented that children who are older than he is. A prodigy, if you will. So Voldy set up this "fair fight" to show that his defeat by the infant Harry Potter was a fluke, and that Harry was not actually as talented a wizard as Voldemort - a likely analysis based on their first meeting.

The last thing that he would have wanted was for another wizard to defeat and kill Harry first, as that might show the Death Eaters that this other wizard was better than he was. (Doug)

• First, Voldemort doesn't underestimate Dumbledore. Albus' not only a powerful wizard, he's a VERY clever man, and you have to be just as clever - or even more cunning - to outfox him. Voldemort's plan was to keep Dumbledore off guard by giving him no clue as to where the threat was coming from, to wait until Harry was at his most vulnerable and out of Dumbledore's sight, and then to strike without warning or sign that the attack had happened.

• Also, from what we've seen of portkeys, they have to be outside to work. Whatever was used as the trigger for the trap therefore had to be outside, it had to be something Harry would touch, it had to be something ONLY Harry would touch, it had to be something he would touch at a specific time (so Voldemort and Wormtail would be in position to intercept him before he could get away), and - most of all - it had to be something he'd touch when there was no one else around to see him be taken off, because otherwise Dumbledore would be alerted. And might be able to follow Harry's track to the graveyard, and confront Voldemort before his resurrection was complete. Which would have been a disaster...

• And there was another, even more important reason for Voldemort to have had Barty go to such efforts to pull this off the way it happened. Don't forget, the Tournament was the focus of the wizard world's attention Students and headmasters of the three big magic schools together, the MoM involved, reporters watching everything and telling it to the world... Imagine the effect if suddenly, under Dumbledore's very nose, Harry Potter -
the boy who lived - was mysteriously snatched away. And either never seen again, or his dead body was returned a few hours later. The psychological shock, the drama, the fear and confusion...
What a glorious way, to Voldemort's mind, to announce his return. (FW speaking for AFHP)

• And Barty addressed the question. He said that kidnapping Harry at any other moment but Tournament could not have seemed like an accident. I think Harry's corpse wouldn't have returned. How should it have returned if it was an accident? And the Cup was probably made into Portkey for the stalls before Moody volunteered to take it to the maze. Who did it? Albus? The assumption would have been that the original Portkey spell was screwed up, by Dumbledore.
. (Jaak Suurpere)

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