General speculations about Deatheaters

Here's some general Speculations about Deatheaters

There is another former-death-eater at Hogwarts.
This is why;
In the fourth book Dumbledore says Snape left Voldemort before Voldemort fell. When Voldemort says to Harry in the same book that while he was only a spirit, alot of death eaters died, one ran away(Karkaroff), and one will likely never return.The last couldn't be Snape as most people think because, from what I understood, Voldemort was talking about the ones who left during his down fall and as I've already said, Snape left before so there must be another one. Most likely one we already know.

Ideas for who that death-eater may be:
Cornelius Fudge-
I like this idea the best. Cornelius Fudge so far has done everything to help Voldemort. He was against the idea of the giants being on the good side, assuring their alligence to Voldemort. He let the dementors stay at Azkaban even though Dumbledore said they would join the Bad side. Voldemort may have made a mistake when he said one will never return because Cornelius Fudge sure is helping him out. Cornelius Fudge also tried to keep Harry away from Sirius. This does sound normal but as long as Harry stayed away from him Harry couldn't figure out that he was innocent, this keeping pettigrew in hiding. Voldemort may not have known about Cornelius Fudge still on his side because Fudge sure couldn't come when the dark mark called him because in the middle of a croud watching the triwizard tournament and would have been noticed..

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