Who might die in book 5+ ?

There has been indication from JKR that a prominent character, will die in the coming books. Who might this be?

In my opinion it's going to be... Harry!

J.K. Rowling said about the book: "In book five [Harry] has to examine exactly what death means, in even closer ways." Even closer ways... He's nearly been killed a couple of times. Could it be that Harry is going to die... And return from death like a Phoenix does?

Here are some thoughts to support this speculation:
- The Order Of The Phoenix
This may be a group of people who have returned from the dead.

- Voldemort has returned from "almost dead"
Tom Riddle's physical body expired when the Ava Kedavra spell bounced back from Harry. From that time on up to the end of book 4 he was only mystically or magically alive. He now has regained a body and is alive again in the most concrete, biological way.

- The Avada Kedavra spell.
After Harry conjured up the Patronus during the Triwizard Tournament, Dumbledore told him he had 'found his father inside him'. Could it be that person that the Avada Kedavra spell is performed on, do not die completely but their life-force simply flows over into the dark wizard performing the spell? So returning from the dead is something not completely impossible in the wizarding world. What did Dumbledore say at the end of SS? 'Death is only entering another stage' or something like that. (please correct me

This effect of the Avada Kedavra spell could have direct implications. It could mean that Harry's parents are still present in Voldemort and Harry's entangled lives. That could also mean that some time (maybe at the end of book 7, when Voldemort is finally beaten) Harry gets his parents back...!

Anyway, I'm totally sleeples until the 21st of june. And your website is great! It raises Potter-question dormant so far... What is Harry's secret? Is he going to become friends with Snape? Who is Voldemort's loyal servant on Hogwarts...! (that one's making my head spin!) And is Hermione Harry's sister? I think it's not such a ridiculous suggestion. After all. if her parents were really dentists, why didn't they do something about her front
teeth? And what did she really see in the Boggart in book 4? (Peter de Frankrijker)

• Given the opportunities for meyham, it might be Dumbledore who dies a horrible death. In a battle with You-Know-Who. (RaTr)

• Dumbledore is going to die in the sixth book. It'll be a great climatical event that leaves everyone devastated, and forces Harry on his own. Someone who is close to him will be in danger, and he'll go off and kill Voldemort. He, however, can't be helped along by Dumbledore all the way, and thus it is necessary to remove him. There are mentions of Dumbledore seeming old already. It's unlikely that Harry and Voldemort will just happen to meet in some secluded place, and there's no reason why Dumbledore wouldn't be there too in a real battle.(Midnayile)

• I think that before Harry faces him, there will be a one-on-one battle between Voldemort and Dumbledore, in which Dumbledore is killed, proving his own mortality and telling Harry that he's on his own now; he must fight Voldemort all by himself. (---)

His influence is fealt but always after the fact so to speak. He is more of a fairy godperson sort of character. He is Harry's most important teacher. For this reason he 'cannot' die until Harry has learned all he can.
(Tim Howe)

With Dumbledore gone, Harry will end up tangled in burecratic nonesense and unable to do anything useful for fear of snape.
(Tim Howe)

• Maybe we finally get to see Snape's cavalier side, giving his life to save Harry. (RaTr)

I don't think Snape is going to die soon. Reasons are that J.K. Rowling hasn't told a lot about him yet, and as I'm writing myself, I think I wouldn't kill anyone who can be exploited so much. I also would't kill somebody that nobody will mourn for (that is, in the books).
Plus: Snape might not be a real evil person, but I suppose he is selfish enough to not get killed by saving somebody. He ended up as a death eater, after all.
I also read rumours about a fan of Harry dying, and Snape is certainly not one of these.

• I could be Neville. A charachter not (yet?) having much drastic influence to story conflicts, a spark point for the potter/malfoy conflicts and the event of him suffering the same fate as his parents could suffice for a dramatic touch.

Knowing JKR's penchant for surprise twists to the characters, that's a bit too simplistic a reading of his character. He's *meant* to appear useless precisely because he'll end up being anything but.
(Richard Sliwa)

The constant reminders of how *unnaturally* forgetful he is must be there for a reason. Especially when we know that his parents are in St. Mungo's with memory problems as well, despite having been *very* powerful. (Richard Sliwa)

• This is interesting…a friend of mine suspects that Neville will be the one to die. How? He'll apparently finally show that he was meant to be in Gryffindor by facing a Dark wizard, perhaps even Voldemort, to save Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and die in the quest. Neville is one of my favourite characters and is such a dear little thing…it would be horrible to lose him. I don't see him dying, however, since his parents were so horribly tortured at the hands of Voldemort, so I want him to keep going and bring honour to them and himself. (Caroline )

• Maybe it's Percy, playing a side-roll so far but appearing significantly on many occasions.

• It could be one of the Weasley twins, Fred or George, may not survive the coming book(s). It would give Rowling some very interesting material in writing the other twin in later books. Those two have been such a pair all of their lives; imagine the kind of personality change the surviving one would undergo after having his "other half" taken away (Lisa (LHH)

The weasleys are not really necessary too often and they are essentially one character with two bodies so you can kill one but without removing the character from the story (Lisa (LHH)

• Maybe it's Ron, one of Harry's 2 closest friends would certainly raise a great emotional point in the story.

• Well as for the speculations on who is going to die thing, I think it might be Ron. I am only saying this because if you remember in book one Ronan said "Always the innocent are the first victims" he was talking about the Unicorns. And the first one to die by Voldemort was Cedric Diggory who had a wand that contained a Unicorn hair in it. And in part three Ron got a new wand that also contained a Unicorn hair in it. So if one of Harry's friend, or a Weasley would die, it would most likely be Ron.
this is all I have to say in the matter, thanx for listening. (Jen)

• Maybe it's Hermione, like Ron, one of Harry's 2 closest friends.

• I, for one, do not think that either Ron nor Hermione will be the one to die in the following books. The reason I think this is I feel Ron and Hermione may have a possible relationship, and that wouldn't be able to take place if one of them died. (Cleo Avilion)

• I really dont think that Hermione or Ron will die because obviously Hermiones intelligence/wit has come in handy in the past and without her the story will have something missing. Ron, well his family and the fact that he is one of harrys best friends would not really be apropriate for the story-line.
I think Dumbledore's phoenix or even Dumbledore himself are two possibilities for the one who might die. Think of the title for book 5 Order of the Phoenix. The fact the phoenix helped Harry in book two understanding/realising he was a "true" Griffindor. So would'nt the phoenix be classified as a true friend?
It would not be Lupin or Sirius, they are too important to the story and to me it is quit obvious they will be part of the final outcome. So obviously its not either of them..
(Laura Reidy)

• Ron ->
-Harry and Ron fought so badly in the fourth book that Harry saw what life was like without him.
-It would give him a whole new reason to get at Voldemort.
-Quoted from the fourth book, a possible clue: "Harry liked Hermione very much, but she just wasn't the same as Ron."
-JK said, "Harry will have to explore death much more closely." Maybe the death of his best friend?
-Also, JK said that a "special fan" would die…and who is more of a fan than his best friend is?
-He proved in the first book that he is willing to sacrifice himself for Harry and Hermione - by doing so in the chess match.
-He also showed this in the third book, by telling Sirius (when they still thought he was bad) that he'd have to kill all three of them if he wanted to kill Harry.

• Hermione ->
-Again, it would give Harry a whole new reason to fight Voldemort.
-They all fought in the third book, kind of like Ron and Harry in the fourth book, but not as severely. Still, they saw what life was like without her.
-The "special fan" clue is repeated here.
-Ron is the comic relief of the books. We need him! Though both Harry and Hermione are really funny sometimes…think Hermione's "what an amazing prediction!" thing from the third book. However, losing Hermione, while HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, wouldn't be losing the comedy and lightness from the books.
(Caroline )

• if not book 5, i think book 6, ron will die. (7 seems too last minute-a year for them to mourn is suffice) anyways, my theory centers around 2 main points. one, being a gut feeling, and 2, more prominent. the name hermione comes from greek mythology. 2 men loved this mythological hermione (ron, krum/harry) and were quite jarring to eachother. to make it short, one of them died. JK Rowling said a PROMINENT figure will die. krum's not all that important so far-he may be in bk. 5, but i do not know. jk rowling also hinted a weasley may die in book 6, which is a possible reason for not bk 5. she also said in an interview with cnn that harry will have more complex feelings for hermione. if people insist that ron will not die, perhaps he will be kidnapped by voldemort, or voldemort will lure ron into a trap somehow and make it appear as though ron was killed, when really he was kidnapped, and in book 7, he'll be found. anyways, those are my thoughts... ([unsigned])

• Or might it be Hagrid. Having a forced passive role in the good versus bad conflict, he has been set out by Dumbledore to contact the Giants. Since the exposure of his origine in book 4, maybe JKR has been preparing him for a bigger role. We care about him and that would be a profound shock. Hagrid
performs an important dramatic role, as Harry's source of (non-academic) information about the past, being the only adult Harry treats as a peer rather than as a figure of authority (Richard Sliwa)

• To add on to the idea that Hagrid will be the one to go, I've read that when asked if Robbie Coltrane will play Hagrid in all seven movies, he responds with "Sort of...", and will speak no more on the subject. Also, Rowling has admitted to letting Coltrane in on future events regarding Hagrid. Maybe she's told him about the mortality of his character? (Digital Muse)

• Probably the best guess for the person who will die in book 5 is Hagrid. He is the only adult Harry is a peer to. If Hagrid died it might be an easy reason for the Gaints to side with the dark side. The only problem with this i see is Hagrid is a greater person/character that anyone has though of. Hagrid is trusted by Dumbledore and dies important things for him. He is like by many creator living in the Forbined Forest and keep Aragon safe even though he will be expelled. (Sarah

• Posibly Lupin. A "good" character, close to Harry and a person who likely will participate in the battle against evil. (

• I think Lupin will die. In book 4, Peter Pettigrew is given a silver hand. If you know anything about werewolves, silver kills them. Lupin is called upon as one of the "old gang" at the end of book 4 as well. To me, all this is not one happy little coincidence. .
• I don't think Lupin's going to die any time soon because JK Rowling clearly stated that he will play a very important role in book 7. That important role could be becoming a ghost since he didn't have a great life but it's more likely for it to be an important battle versus the dark side.(Landra)

• Or Sirius. Like Lupin close to Harry, his godfather. Also one of the people bound to confront evil in coming books.

• I think the former house elf, Dobbie will be killed later on trying to save Harry somehow. I have thought this almost from the beginning because he is so devoted to Harry and would naturally give his life. (~~Linda)

• Maybe Colin Creevy, Harry's obcessor. (Shannon Cooper )

• Maybe Professor McGonagal, Important to the story but not vital for it's continuation, remaining a posibility (Shannon Cooper )
• I agree that Mcgonagal will die because otherwise when Lupin and Sirius come in GOF we'll have two main charactars staying at Hogwarts with out jobs. If she dies there's transfiguration/head Gryfindor (Landra)

• Although it isnt likely it is possible that it will not be a human death, personally I can see the death of Hedwig being a main part (perhaps as she is trying to defend Harry (Nick Gorman)

• I think there are some people who are sort of "immune".
For example I think it could never be Sirius, because J.K. said that she wouldn't be that cruel as to take harry's closest friends away from him like that. Therefore it can't be Ron or Hermione either.
I also don't think it is Neville, I'd rather say he's going to have some sort of a key role, since there are parallels between him and Pettigrew, who betrayed Harry's parents. Maybe Neville is going to sort of "turn fate" or something by refusing to do the same - betray his friends, i mean.
I reckon it might be Lupin, because his life is cursed anyway. i hate the idea of it, but he's a bit of a likely candidate due to his being a werewolf. He'll never be able to lead a normal life, it looks like he'll alway be lonely, so maybe he'll actually sacrifices himself to save the only friends he ever had?

• I don't think it has been mentioned yet, but I feel that Ginny Weasley might be the one who dies in the following books. Through interviews with JK that I have read, I am sure I've heard her say that a "fan" of Harry would die. Most people don't think so because JK said an important character would be the one to die.. but if you think, Ginny is an important character. If she died, that would emotionally effect Ron, one of Harry's best friends. (Cleo Avilion)

Mrs. Weasley: Oh, no, no, no, no, no…Mrs. Weasley is the closest thing Harry has to a mother! I don't want her to die, I want her to adopt Harry! However, my strongest convictions are with Mrs. Weasley. She is also a "special fan", in a way. If she died, I think it will make Ginny a very strong and admirable character. You know the cliché: Young girl grows up without a mother…and it would give Ron even more reason to fight. (Caroline )

• I think Dobby will die. He's a 'special fan', he loves Harry more than anything including his freedom and I think he's rather dim and also (yes there is more) he'll be easily lured into a trap. (Elise)

Cho Chang, what if she becomes closer to Harry almost flirty? And when he
finally gets up the guts to ask her out she get killed. Jarring Harry into
shock this would leave him 'open' for a Ginny or Herm relationship. She
would be in a way a 'special fan', if she became more of a love interest. (Kirbinite)

• Ithink that Molly Weasley will die. jkr has stated that one death was 'particularly hard to write'; she made this statement in the context of discussing her feelings about her own mother's death.
it has been suggested that cedric's death was the difficult one, but i get the impression that jkr enjoyed writing that -- dd's comments at the end of g/f are just towering! (i cried!) (Jayne Reed)

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