General speculations about Draco

Here's some general Speculations about Draco Malfoy.

• Dracon, unbenounced to the rest of his classmates, has a
sister. But, for some odd reason, she can't do magic properly. She is a
squib, or something similar to it. Her parents are quite ashamed of this,
and so they put her in St. Mungo's Hospital (or whatever it's called), and
that's part of the reason they are such big donors to the hospital itself.
They never speak of their other child.

But, despite this, Draco loves his sister. It eventually becomes fuel for
him to go against his father, and, *gasp* join sides with Harry to go against
Dark Magic and Voldemort and everything. (-)

• During my 8th grade year of astronomy I found out that Sirius is a constellation/star in the sky of a dog. Then I looked around a bit and found Draco another constillation: after searching on the internet of what the constillation was of I found that it was a Dragon. There for I believe that Draco is going to become and animagi of a Dragon
. (Katie Smith)

• Draco in Latin (I believe) means snake or dragon. So Draco could be a dragon but that a little to flashily and pulse the whole Slytherin snake thing. I think it's more likely that he would be a snake.

• Draco does not only mean 'Dragon' of 'Snake' in Latin, it is the name of an Ancient Greek politician who codified laws in Athens. Many of the laws he wrote down were extremely harsh, calling for the death penalty for even the slightest crime. He was a staunch believer that the small crimes deserved death and that he knew of no worse penalty for the worse ones. This is one of the contributing factors to the Athenian people believing the law was 'written in blood'. His law came to be known as Draconian Law and to present day, rules that are unflinchingly severe are referred to as 'Draconian'.

Rowling is famous for her use of mythical and real ancient figures in her writing (ex. Hermione is a character in the legend of the Trojan War, Septimus Severus was a Roman Emperor, etc.). Perhaps she will be modeling Draco after the Ancient Greek, meaning he shall be harsh, unwavering, uncaring in regards to death (if it is deserved) and perhaps even involved in politics.
(Mandy Croyance)

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