General speculations about Dumbledore

Here's some general Speculations about Albus Dumbledore

• I believe Dumbledore was there the night Harry's parents were killed. Remember Harry is given the invisibility cloak with a note that says "Your father gave me this before he died" Why? It is very rare. Were they trying to trap Voldemont and it went wrong? Was it Dumbledore who was able to cast the spell that saved Harry having been too late to save his parents? (Rob)

• I think Dumbledore can also see in some degree the future, or has some means of finding out about it. When Harry, Ron and Hermione were in the Hospital wing in end of book 3 just before they use the time-tuner to rescue Buckbeak and Sirius, Dumbledore tells them "...If all goes well, you will be able to save more than one innocent life tonight...."
It seems that he in some way but not with 100% certainty could see what was about to happen
(webmaster HPF)

• Dumbledore: one reason, and perhaps a very potent one, that it is said that Voldemort really only feared Dumbledoor (making Dumbledoor at least appear very powerful) is based on the matter of Voldemort's and Harry Potter's wands -

- since it is likely they both have tail feathers from Fawks, Dumbledore is most certainly in a position to know perhaps more about the magical characterisitics of those two wands than anyone else - certainly a potentially powerful bit of knowledge

- also, I doubt Dumbledore was on hand when the attempt on baby Harry's existence was made

- I suspect that James Potter, knowing that Voldemort was coming for them, left the Invisibility Cloak with Dumbledoor for safe keeping

- it is also possible that Dumbledoor has a bit of the Auror's Eye as well.

• I believe that Prof. Dumbledore has some kind of magic homing device on
Harry that allows him to know where he is at all times. Our first clue that
this is the case are the detailed addresses written on Harry's letters in
SS. Not only does Dumbledore know where Harry is, but exactly what room he
is staying in. (I am assuming that it is Dumbledore who sent those letters
to Harry, since we know it is Dumbledore who finally dispatched Hagrid to
hand deliver the last one). More proof that Dumbledore knows where Harry is
at all times is during the Mirror of Erised scene when Dumbledore says on
p.212 of SS, "So-back again, Harry?" impling that he knows Harry has been
there before, (to see the Mirror of Erised) and more than once. In the last
instance, Dumbledore hints that Harry had walked right past him without
seeing him and that's how he knew he was there, but that doesn't explain how
Dumbledore knew he was there all the other times. And thirdly, more proof
is in COS on page 43 when they all receive their school letters and Mr.
Weasley says "Dumbledore already knows you're here, Harry-doesn't miss a
trick, that man."

My main question is whether this honing device that Dumbledore has is either
1) something similar to the Weasley's Grandfather clock described in GOF,
(but more sophisticated) that he would keep in his office, or
2) it is more like a watch or a map (like the Marauder's Map) that he carries around with
him at all times.

In either case it must be more detailed than the Weasley's clock. The
grandfather clock Harry saw at the Weasley's burrow, described in GOF on
page 151 "had nine golden hands, and each of them engraved with on the
Weasley family's names (and) .descriptions of where each family member might
be. "Home," "school," and "work,"."traveling," "lost," "hospital,"
"prison,"."mortal peril." (I do think it would be useful if Harry's clock
said mortal peril, as well!)

Whereas, Dumbledore's clock, watch, map (or whatever it is) allows
Dumbledore to know with much greater detail Harry's location. In SS, the
letters have exact locations such as "The Cupboard Under the Stairs," "The
Smallest Bedroom," "Room 17 Railview Hotel," and finally, "The Floor,
Hut-on-the-Rock, the Sea". Since it would be hard to have all of these
locations written in detail on one clock like the Weasley's, Dumbledore's
device has to be much more sophisticated. It could still look like a clock
but the words could change to state the precise location.

So that gets me to my question as to whether this device is located in
Dumbledore's office or if it is something he carries around with him, like a
watch or map. At the end of SS, when Dumbledore is called to the Ministry
of Magic, he tells Harry on page 297, "No sooner had I reached London then
it became clear to me that the place I should be was the one I had just
left." and that he realized this before he got the owl from Hermione. So,
did he know this because he was wearing some sort of device that showed him
that Harry had gone through the trap door? Or did he just get a sense that
something wasn't right?

Another example is in the GOF (page 558) when Harry runs to Dumbledore's
office after he finds Mr. Crouch in the woods. Just as he can't remember
the password and Snape is holding him up, Dumbledore opens the door. Is
this because something in this office told him that Harry was there?

One point I don't understand is at the end of GOF when Harry takes the
Portkey to the graveyard, Dumbledore doesn't seem to know he had gone or
where he had gone to. Otherwise, wouldn't Dumbledore have gone after him?
Is this because he was at the tournament and he didn't have the device with
him at the time or didn't think he needed to look at it since he had no way
of knowing anything was wrong in the first place? However, after Moody
takes Harry to his office, Dumbledore seems to be able to find him pretty
quickly in there.

It's funny that the Weasley's Grandfather Clock doesn't show up until the
fourth book, but they decided to include it in the second movie. There is a
clock described in the second book (COS), but its not the same one. The
clock in the second book is described on page 34, "written around the edge
were things like Time to Make Tea, Time to Feed the Chickens, and You're
late." I am inclined to think the Grandfather clock in GOF must be
significant to the plot or they wouldn't have added it to the second movie
like that. I know they may have thought the Grandfather clock would get
more of a laugh, but I still think it has more significance and that's why
they choose it instead
. (John & Sharon Bauckman)

• I have been thinking about this one ( portkey issue ) and I realized, people can't apparate to and from Hogwarts. Dumbledore would have to take a train into Hogsmeade and THEN apparate to wherever Harry was. Harry wasn't there for that much of a long time so by the time Dumbledore had figured out Harry was gone, Harry was already back. (Mo Money)

• I dont believe that Dumbledore was at the Potters' house the night James and Lily died and I dont believe that that was when James gave him the invisibility cloak. If Dumbledore was there, why didn't he take Harry to the Dursleys' instead of Hagrid? I think that, because Lily and James KNEW Voldemort was after them, that James gave the invisibility cloak to Dumbledore 'just in case'. I mean, it just makes a little more sense, doesn't it? That way, if and when something happens to James, Dumbledore will be able to hand the cloak down to Harry at the right time.

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