General speculations about Dumbledore

Here's some general Speculations about Albus Dumbledore.

• Harry has not been the only person Dumbledore has lied to. One reason is bc in the beginning of book1 in Chapter One when professor Mcgonagall asks Dumbledore why he got that scar and why Voldemorte went after the potters he said that he didn't klnow that we may never know. The thing is, is that he knew all along why Voldemorte wanted to kill the potters as we learn in book 5. So Mcgonagall didn't know the truth and i don't think that alot of people know the truth either. So if Dumbledore lied to Mcgonagall about the reason for Voldemorte going after Harry it's possible that he also lied about Harry having no other realtives. Usually when Dumbledore lies it's for reason and usually to protect people. He never told Mcgonagall the reason Voldemorte killed Harry's parents for the same reason that he never let Trellwaney leave the castle. If he told Mcgonagall it could put her life in danger for knowing the reason and if he let Trellwaney leave the castle than she could become a target for Voldemorte and his supporters bc she was the one that said the prophecy. The less people who knew about the prophecy the safer everyone was. So in conclusion some things are simply to dangerous to know. (Aisha Pitcan)

• I have always wondered why Dumbledore was the one to plan for Harry's future.
Why wouldn't it have been Sirus? According to books 1 and 3 Harry had already
been dropped off at the Dursleys before anyone had suspected Sirus. Although
Dumbledore knew that Sirus was the Potters secret keeper, wouldn't he have
asked? He was Harrys godfather. And who is Harrys godmother? He must have had
both.James parents are mentioned in book 5. Sirus said he would stay with them
while they were on school holidays.

I think the reason Dumbledore was in charge of Harrys future is because Harry
is in some way related maybe a grandson or great grandson.In the mirror (in
book 1) Harry sees several relatives we can assume not all were his mothers
family. Dumbledore could have easily hidden his appearance from it. It could be
possible, Sirus tells Harry when they are looking at his family tree (book 5)
that almost all wizarding families are related. Whose related to Dumbledore?
James could have been Dumbledores daughters son. This would explain his deep
love for Harry and the reason Voldemort chooses Harry as his target over
Neville as the one who is a threat.Dumbledore tells Harry in book 5 that his
mothers sister is his mothers only living relative who shares his mothers
blood. He says nothing about his fathers family. It was his mothers blood that
was his protection. So he could not stay with a relative of his fathers and be
completely protected. Does anyone has any thoughts to this theory?. (JGT)

• Dumbledore's watch with 12 hands. 12 is a recurring number in all the books- #12 Grimmauld place, 12 uses of Dragon'd blood, etc. So Dumbledore's watch may be a time turner, where there are four of him in different times maybe? (3 hands for each time). Or maybe they're keeping track of other people's times. (Aimee)

• In the Order Of The Pfoenix is the first time that we can really see Dumbledore's strength. He took Cornelius Fudge, Umbridge (well..this one even I could make it) and Two Aurors down (Ok, Kingsley wasn't for real), and one of them had "outstanding" in ALL it's NEWTS. Dumbledore got out without a single scratch. Later on, after Sirius Dies and Dumbledore duels Voldemort, He says to Fudge "If you and your aurors still want to take me, you'll have to fight, and I'll have to win again". He intimidates ALL those
aurors and again they do nothing (all right, now it's different). Then, the prophecy says that Harry will be murderer or victim. If Dumbledore is the only one Voldemort ever feared, and if he is so powerfull, why the hell Dumbledore just don't duel Voldemort, why on earth does he not face Voldemort once and for all? Why, just so Harry can beat Voldemort? Why does Dumbledore have or show no interest of dealing with Voldemort himself? (André Cunha)

• The reason Dumbledore cant fight Voldemort i suppose is because Dumbledore knows he will die. Dumbledore knows all about the prophecy, that only Harry can kill Voldemort, and although Dumbledore is very powerful he can be beaten and according to the prophecy he would be. Only Harry can fight Voldemort and win. (Hannah)

• Dumbledore already knows the outcome of certain events. Like he's time-travelled or something. Too many things happen in just the way he wants them to happen. Right from the beginning. In SS/PS, the tests he has the professors set up to guard the stone are test only those 3 students would pass. The Mirror of Erised is kept when Dumbeldore knew Harry was visiting it, like he needed Harry to understand the mirror so that when it came down to the final battle, Harry would know what he was seeing. In CoS, Dumbledore can't tell that Lockhart is a fake yet in book 5 we've learned that he's an excellent couldn't he know before hiring Lockhart?? Same thing with PoA... how couldn't he tell Moody wasn't himself? I could go on and on... there are countless examples of Dumbeldore knowing more than just current events... yet each one HAD to play out the way it did in order for Harry to survive and learn from the experience. so I think, somehow, Dumbledore has already seen the outcome of certain events. (Kate J)

• First of all, Harry didnt see Quirrel die in PS, thats movie contamination, if you read carefully youll notice that Harry was unconscious when Quirrel died and had to be saved from Voldemort by Dumbledore. JK Rowling answered the other questions in an interview shortly after OoP was released. She said that Harry was to young when he saw his parents die for it to register properly in his mind and that's why he could see the thestrals during his first years at Hogwarts. JK has also said we will never see a live Lily and James so that also rules out the possibility of their not actually dying (Just a question, all off what Ive said aside, suppose Lily or atleast James were still alive, where do you suppose they've been all this time?). Finally, JK said that the death you witness must have time to "sink in" before you can see thestrals. When Harry left Hogwarts at the end of book 4 Cedric's death hadnt "sunk in" and thats why he didnt see the Thestrals. (Melissa Martin)

• Has no one else thought that Crookshanks could be Dumbledore/Animagi? (Karen Golding)

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