General speculations about Dumbledore

Here's some general Speculations about Albus Dumbledore.

• Time Magazine summarized a few speculations about the future, among which was the return of Dumbledore. They cited Gandalf in LOTR, Aslan in Narnia as examples of the literary "Christ" figure. Speculations(however remote their possibilty)I have discussed with others include the return of Dumbledore by virtue of some Phoenix-like quality he holds. Further, some have suggested that this quality may be extended to his being actually Godric Griffindor. Additionally, some have suggested to me that the charm on Harry's life left by his mother, though 'ruined' by Voldemorte in Goblet, was renewed by both Sirius and Dumbledore dying in Harry's defense. ( George )

• I think it's pretty obvious that Dumbledore is not death for good. He obviously plotted something with Snape. Remember that Hagrid told Harry Snape and Dumbledore had some kind of fight, maybe Dumbledore was telling Snape that he will have to kill him, and Snape didn't like the idea. There are other proofs, like Snape not hurting Harry or the others badly. I think Dumbledore knew that the Horcrux was NOT in that cave, I also think that potion has something to do with his future resurrection. Being Dumbledore such a powerful wizard, he should have felt that locket didn't have Voldemort's soul when he touched it. Another point: The false One Eye Moody told them in class that you have to do the Avada Kedavra speel with all your will, if not, you'll only cause a nose bleed...:) Maybe Snape released a "soft" Avada Kedavra, and Dumbledore seemd death because of the Potion.
( Roberto Zegarra )

• regarding The Phoenix's lament---I do believe very strongly that there is something to Snape's "killing" Dumbledore.I'm still not sure whether he is dead though i believe so; but it wasn't Snape who killed him, I think Dumbledore was already dying a slow, painful and undeniable death after a certain time had lapsed after he drunk that thing guarding the horcrux...The "Severus... please" uttered by Dumbledore i feel, was a plea to speed the process up, and both he and Snape being skilled Occulmens and Legilimens, they may communicated that way...Only time will tell what the Half-blood prince truly is
( vallari )

• In many of J.K. Rowlings interviews she has mentioned that when someone dies in her books they are dead, they will not come back. Also, In book 6,chapter 29, when Harry enters Dumbledores office with McGonagall, it state that a new picture frame has appeared. " Dumbledore was slumbering in a golden frame over the desk..." In order for this to have occured, he needed to have been dead. As far as Snape, there is a part of me that still believes that he is on the good side. Maybe he and Dumbledore came to an agreement that if there came a time when Malfoy tried to kill Dumbledore, Snape was to intervene and do the deed himself. Also, remember at one point Hagrid mentioned to Harry that he had overheard Dumbledore and Snape arguing. Maybe this was one of the reasons for the argument. ( Damaris )

• To the article on Dumbledore
I think its entirely predictable that he would die, mythologically speaking. For the hero to succeed, he must stand alone against the great evil at great personal risk and sacrifice, a sacrifice which transform him to something other than a normal man. (See Frodo) The hero is systematically stripped of his mentors and father figures, either by death or disappearance so that he may fulfill his destiny. Dumbledor is absolutely positively dead. But his portrait lives on, can't wait to see what it says. Do they comment about their deaths, I wonder? If the speculation in this column is true, that is, that it was an elaborate hoax that Snape was still a death eater and arranged by Dumbledor and Snape that Dumbledor bekilled, we have to ask ourselves, what would the purpose be? It's not a bad idea, let's explore it some more. ( Elaine )

• I certainly think that Dumbledore may not've been dead really,bcoz he had so much faith in Snape and may be they pulled this hoax just to save Draco Malfoy and his family.We know that if Draco had not finished his task,Voldemort wud kill him.But it is surely unanswered.Because,when Harry & Dumbledore go to find the Hocrux,in the end Harry realizes that it wasn't a horcrux after all and it was signed .Who was it then?

It is obvious that the person who did remove the Horcrux was not much affected(coz he left a msg. for Voldemort saying that he wud destroy it)

And when they return to Hogwarts,Draco disarms Dumbledore.Does that mean that Dumbledore,being an extremely powerful wizard cudn't summon his wand,or couldn't perform magic without a wand.

Anyway,it was the worst day of my life when i read the paragraph of Dumbledore being killed that too by Snape.I cried the whole night(I read the above part at 1:30)...couldn't believe it. I thought it HAS to be a hoax bcoz Snape isn't THAT BAD.Ofcouse there is certainly a possibility that he could be lying for more than a decade..BUT IT JUST DOESN'T SEEM RIGTH.I hope it is just to make us believe Snape is bad.

But the worst thing is there is not way to stop the killing curse.Even if there was one,Harry wouldn't have been freed from the freezing charm which Dumbledore puts on him.So,I am just waiting forward for the 7th book with a lot of anticipation(just like every one else) ( Alekhya )

• My speculation is that Dumbledore's withered hand is a result of either him making a irreversible vow with Snape to protect Harry before Snape made the pact with Draco's mother. ( Alison Kilian )

• My speculation is that Dumbledore made a horcrux of himself and this caused part of his body to wither. ( Alison Kilian )

• I seriously doubt Dumbledore would kill/sacrifice anybody to do that. ( Webmaster HPF)

• To the article on Dumbledore
I think you're right. I think at the end of Book 7 we will be shedding tears for Snape because the true nature of his situation will be revealed and we will see how much courage he had and how he was basically all alone. It's not like he's got any friends ... Anyway, I also think that he was in love with Lilly and the reason he has been so unkind to Harry all these years is because Harry reminds Snape of James, the man who married Lily. Also, Dumbledore is dead. Period. He probably will assist Harry in spirit as do Harry's parents but basically, the guy's dead. Also, Dumbledore's death is in accordance with the lessons that Rowling is trying to teach young readers as they mature: people you love die but that doesn't mean that LOVE dies. That's why Dumbledore is going to help Harry in spirit, after all, his portrait is already up in his old office. ( Gia )

• Well i think that what if snape and dumbledore have planned all the things and what if dumbledore also have a horcrux so there is a possibility that he drink the blood of a unicorn and then through sorcerers stone bcz the oly person who knows how to make is nicholas flamel , a friend of dumbledore, and then indirectly destroying the voldemort's horcruxes with out coming in the eyes of voldemort. so he may not notice then letting harry to kill the Dark Lord and fulfilling the Prophecy. ( syed huzaifa )

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