What about Arabella Figs, any link to Crookshanks ?

In chapter 4-36 "The Parting of the Ways", a mrs Arabella Figs is mentioned By Professor Dumbledore:

"Now I have work for each of you. Fudge's attitude, though not unexpected, changes everything. Sirius, I need you to set off at once. You are to alert Remus Lupin, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher -- the old crowd. Lie low at Lupin's for a while; I will contact you there."

In chapter 1-2 "The Vanishing Glass" and chapter 4-7 Bagman and Crouch we already saw a mrs Figgs. What's the story about her?

• J.K. Rowling also confirmed in an interview that Arabella Figg and Miss Figg, Harry's old babysitter from the first Harry Potter book, are one in the same.

Of course this is something that will obviously be explained in the upcoming Harry Potter book but many of us here interpret this passage to mean that Arabella Figg was once a mighty witch from the days when Voldermort was still in power and also the main reason why Dumbledore sent Harry to live with the Dursley's in the first place and also why he felt it to be safer for Harry to continue to stay with the Dursley's, after Voldermort's second rise to power, instead of with the Weasleys.

• An interesting theory. J.K. Rowling has also stated that the importance of all the cats mentioned in the Harry Potter books, and there are quite a few - Professor McGonagall's ability to turn herself into a cat, Miss Figg's affection for cats, and Crookshanks is what I can think of right off the top of my head.

As to her being an Animagus I cannot say, although I would suspect not. Would Hermione have known since she has seen the list of registered Animagus?) Would Miss Figgs have traveled all that way just to wander around the castle disguised as a cat? And how, exactly, would she have gotten there without Harry ever noticing (in the third book we see that Professor Lupin used the Hogwarts Express, as did the Dementors to get back and forth from their homes to Hogwarts).

I am guessing, that Miss Figgs might be a retired witch who either helped in the first fight against Voldermort or who might have even been a teacher at Hogwarts. (Matt)

• Miss Figg can't be the animagi of crookshanks, Crookshanks is part Kneazle, and kneazle can't be animagi. (Shown in the book Magical Creatures and where to find them) (Chase)

• I really believe Arabella Figg is Harry's protector. While I was reading book 1, I wondered how Harry could be so well adjusted after being so abused. I think the reason is Mrs. Figg. We know chocolate is an atidote from the effects of the dementors, it must be good for self esteem too. When he was at her house, she made him eat dry chocolate cake.

• Don't forget about Mrs. Norris...She is also a cat.
And also at the Quidditch World Cup, the tent that Mr. Weasly borrowed from Perkins, both, smelled and looked like Mrs. Arabella Figg's house...

• I think that Mrs. Figg will either be an important member of "the old crowd" or a new teacher at Hogwarts, if Fleur Delacour isn't. She is probably Harry's Secret-Keeper, otherwise he'd be flattened by now. Remember, Voldemort said that even he can't get to Harry when he's at the Dursley's. PLUS: in the very beginning of the first book, an owl fluttered past the Dursley's window…why would it go by if there wasn't a witch or wizard in the neighbourhood? (Caroline )

• Arabella Figg could easy be related to Harry. By either parent, but it is more likely that she is related to Lily that James. If Lily Potter parently weren't really Muggle but they went into hidding but they saw the Dark Lord gather power. They have two daughters one of the is a witch (She just looks Muggle born) the other is a Squim that's great it will only look like they have a muggle born witch. No one will guess they're really magical. OR the OTher opposion is Lily mother or Father was magical but the married a Muggle. Either way Arabella Figg could easly be the sister of the magical parent. Another thing to remeber is that both Lily and her sister are anmed for plants and Figg is a type of plant, see the connection. (Sarah )

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