Harry's Godmother

Here's some speculations about who may be Harry's Godmother

• I've been thinking about who Harry's godmother could be and i have come up with some ideas.
McGonagall- I think she was at the wedding, she is very close to Harry and has always looked out for him even though she's strict. She was heartbroken when Lily and James died, even crying. I think she is the most likely.
Mrs Figg- She was in the order with James and Lily, and she looked after Harry also. I dont think this one is too likely though.
Petunia- A possibility, as a last ditch attempt to get Petunia to accept Lily and to put aside their differences? But would Petunia accept it?
These are all I could think of, other ones of course could be friends of Lily's from school that we haven't met yet, but of the women we know these are some ideas. Any others would be useful. (Hannah)

• Most couples, when they have children, either choose family members to be godparents to their baby or they each choose their best friend. Harry's godfather, Sirius Black, was his father's best friend. Who then was Lilly's best friend? Lilly and James were both The Order of Phoenix, where they likely had very close relationships with the other members. Women are usually closest with people who are their own age and going to the same transitions in their life at the same time. So according to my theory, there is really only one person it could be, and I think it's no coincidence the relationship Harry has to that family. Remember the prophecy? Who was born near Harry Potter's birthday? Neville Longbottom! Who was going to the same life-changing transition that Lilly was at the same time? Alice Longbottom! James & Lilly and Frank & Alice, were both young couples when they joined The Order of Phoenix. Both Alice and Lilly were pregnant at the same time and due to give birth at nearly the same time. I can totally imagine that Alice and Lilly became very close friends, if they weren't already friends from their time at Hogwarts. Why then has no one mentioned to Harry anything about his godmother? I think it is because she is in St. Mungo's and incapable of having any kind of relationship with him right now. However, I do believe that some point Alice is going to recover, at least partially. So Harry may have lost his parents and his godfather, but still has the possibility of her relationship with his godmother. I can also see the possibility that with Harry being Alice's godson, he could somehow help bring back her memory, along with her own son, Neville. Maybe it's a bit far-fetched, but I think she is a more likely godmother than anyone else on your list or any other character in the series. (Dahlia)

• JKR said in an interview that Harry doesn't have a godmother. Therefore, Mrs. Weasley is not Harry's godmother! ( Meg )

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