General speculations about Harry

Here's some general Speculations about what might happen to Harry or what we might find out about him.

• Harry was made his parents' secret keeper and that is one reason he is so strong against Voldemort (It says in the book that they wanted Sirius but he told them to use never is confirmed for certain that Peter was actually used. (~~Linda)
• This cannot be valid, since "as long as the secret keeper refused to speak, You-Know-Who could search the village where Lily and James were staying for years and never find them, not even if he had his nose pressed against their sitting room window!"
It's doubtful little Harry crawled out of his house unnoticed one day, ran into Voldemort, and blurted out his parent's location. Besides, if Peter weren't their Secret Keeper, it would have made the entire third book moot since Sirius would have no reason to hate Pettigrew and no motive to go after him (follwing that, why would Peter have entered the story at all?

• This is a very interesting theory of mine. What if Harry is Dumbledore (I have heard rumors that Dumbledore apears to have a scar like Harry's on his forehead)? It would explain why Dumbledore always knows what is going on. How did this come about? Harry had to use a special spell to kill Voldemort that blasted him back a long time. Then he took up a new life as a man named Albus Dumbledore. The reason he did some things wrong was that Harry had seen Dumbledore do things wrong so he did them the same way. (meteor man)
• If Harry is Dumbledore, then hpw would they have conversations in one room. And Dumbledore knows what Harry is doing because he is an almighty wizard. He must be if Voldemort is scared of him. Obviously, this speculation is incorrect based on the reality of it. It never states a scar in any of the four books. (Joey)

• Perhaps Dumbledore is Harry Potter from the future, living under an alias. He could have sent himself very far back in time to set things right (perhaps Voldemort rules the world in the future). I mean, if he technically didn't exist, then no one could recognize him, including Harry, right?

• Yes, this theory is a definite possibility...quite a wild one, but very interesting. Dumbledore could NOT be a future Harry trying to right the past. We know about time travelling because of the 3rd book, correct? Well, people seem to be getting incorrect ideas about changing what happened. This gets confusing, so excuse me if you do get confused. Take it one piece at a time. What happened in the past, happened because someone in the future already made it that way. For example, in the third book, if harry and hermione had NOT gone into the past when dumbledore told them to, then what already had transpired would have been different: essentially, they coudn't refuse to go back; the past/present/future was already decided. When the trio are walking back from Hagrid's hut under the invisibility cloak, they hear the dull thud of an ax and Hagrid wailing. But at that moment, Buckbeak HADN'T been killed. He had been saved because Harry and Hermione had come and saved them. Once Harry and Hermione actually go back and save Buckbeak, the EXACT same thing happens, except we actually can heard what Hagrid is yelling about: Buckbeak being alive. The thud of the ax, which we previously thought was Buckbeak being killed, was actually MacNair throwing it in exasperation.

To follow that up: Harry's past with the Dursley's will NOT be erased, nor anything else that has happened. Harry cannot go back in the past to save his parents, because it doesn't WORK that way. We know that in the past that Lily and James die (we actually were not sure for James until the 4th book, when Lily AND James came out as shades..we never heard James die in Harry's memory.) Also, JK said we will never see an "alive Lily or James." James and Lily weren't saved because their fate was already decided: no person from the future would go back and save them. (Rosalyn)

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