General speculations about Harry

Here's some general Speculations about Harry.

• I think that Harry will kill Draco. I mean we know they wont join sides. I think that one day Draco will get really madfor some reason, or they will end up facing Voldemort and either Voldemort will order them to duel and Harry kills Draco or they duel for some other reason, maybe Harry even kills him by accident by pushing him off a high thing or something. OR OR OR, maybe Draco will kill Harry! I mean we have to think Harry will be killed eventually. But no, the prophecy says only Voldemort can kill Harry. But Draco doesn't know that. You never know. Or maybe Draco will lead Harry to Voldemort and betray him? THEN Harry kills him? I think something like this will happen. Even though i dont want Draco to die. I like him. (Hannah)

• I think that Harry will save Draco from something bad. Maybe something will happen and Voldemort will turn against the Malfoy family and Harry will help out of the goodness and bravery he possesses. Maybe Draco will lighten up somewhat, but this would further show Harry's character. (Hannah)

• I just wanted to throw in a couple speculations to the "Is Harry the heir of Godric Griffindor" question. I draw my facts and theories from the legend of St. Godric, because as we all know, a lot of JK Rowling's characters have basis in various myths and legends from around the world (example: Argus Filch--Argus was a Greek monster that had a hundred eyes and was constantly on guard, watching for any suspicious activity.) Legend says that St. Godric was far from saintly in the beginning--he was a man who drank, fought and lusted far more than he should have. But somehow, he experienced a change of heart and became a godly man, and lived as a hermit in the woods. St. Godric was known for his kindness and familiarity with wild animals, particularly the stag; he was also known for the gift of prophecy, specifically described as the ablity to know of events that were taking place hundreds of miles away. So, how does this apply to Harry? My first, and strongest, arguement is the gift of prophecy. There have been many times in the HP books where Harry was able to know of Voldemort's actions, even though the two are many hundreds of miles apart. Secondly, St. Godric, Harry, and James are all connected quite strongly to the stag. James' Animangus form is that of the stag--why would Rowling pick this particular animal out of the millions of possibilities to represent James Potter? I think it's a bit too much of a coincidence for James and St. Godric to be connected through this symbol. On top of that, Harry's Patronus Charm (which literally means "patron saint") also takes the form of a stag. And finally, legend states that St. Godric was haunted throughout his life by demons that took various shapes and forms. This is stretching it a bit, but doesn't that sound like boggarts to you? A demon that is able to change its shape? Harry's boggart takes the form of a dementor and as we all know, he gets quite a lot of trouble from dementors, particularly near the end of the third book. Interestingly enough, what is it that saves Harry and the gang from hundreds of dementors in that book? Harry's "patron saint." (XXX)

• How will Harry finish Voldemort?

We already knew that when Dark Lord try "avada kedavra" and Harry block it with "expelliarmus" as in book 4, the two brother wands connected by priori incantatem. So, most likely when Harry is finally having the last battle against the Dark Lord, the two
wands will behave just like that. Then the prophecy cannot be fulfilled (Yes, I believe it's Harry, not Neville!).

How can Harry or Dark Lord make the final blow? I don't think it's going to be like what Sirius did (tripped over? come on!). Through the books we were shown that magic could be performed without wand. The column in this site also suggests that. Old magic
don’t need wand. Being animagus, you don’t need a wand. There are also small contributions of wand in potion making. Even wand-related spell don’t actually need wand. Remember how Harry shouted “Lumos” to find his wand in the dark?

From here, Harry or Dark Lord can find a way to make the killing without a wand. Occlumency and Ligilimency is a way to have the final fight. But then, not much
action to look at. Poisoning each other by throwing magic potion will make the two of them look like having food-fight instead of honorable battle.

I think Harry will develop very powerful wandless spell. This is the power The Dark Lord doesn’t know about. If Dumbledore is the wizard who can fight with his wand without audible spell, having Harry as the wizard that can cast a spell without wand is an option. (Irvan Karta)

• My theory is Harry will use ancient magic (mentioned numerous times). The power that Harry posses that Voldemort does not know is love. Hence why possession of
Harry's body by Voldemort was not possible.

• Regardless of what he chooses to do in the long term Harry's first job out of Hogwart's (always assuming there will be a Hogwart's at the end of the series) will probably be a
professional Quidditch player. (Robert Cox)

• think Harry will turn out to be a natural Legilimens.Remember,how he broke into Snape's memory,during Occlumency,using Protego? I think only a true legilimens can do that,even with a Sheild Charm.Also,Voldy is a good Legilimens;he may have passed on the power to read minds,just like he pased on Parseltongue. (R Sriram)

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