General speculations about Harry

Here's some general Speculations about Harry Potter.

• Harry is indeed Dumbledore.

The obvious fact that Dumbledore can predict what will happen next to Harry has also been brought out. But that's not wholly supportive of the "Harry is Dumbledore" theory.

However, when Dumbledore is mentioned at ANY time in ANY of the books, the observation is always made about his crooked nose as if it's been broken several times. In Book 6 alone, Harry has his nose broken twice. Granted the first was repaired without flaw, but the second time, no mention is made about it being repaired beyond recognition (the second time being when he is flattened by one of the Death Eaters as he's running after Snape and Malfoy).

Voldemort also fears Dumbledore above all others, but Harry was the one that destroyed him as a child. Dumbledore has allowed a lot to happen badly to Harry, but he may not have interfered because the bad things were necessary for everything to unfold. He could not interfere with history, but he could play the role that Dumbledore is intended to play (if you understand my convoluted description of time).

Another bit of evidence that I can think of off the top of my head is Dumbledore immobilizing Harry at the end of book 6. Why did he prevent Harry from protecting him? Perhaps Dumbledore's death, while tragic, was intended to happen to strengthen Harry but also to give him insight into his own death. Book 7 is supposed to complete the saga without any need for a prequel or sequel. Does that mean Harry will die? Or does it mean that Harry is Dumbledore and the rest of his life is chronicled in Books 1 - 6. Most of Dumbledore's life is laid out in Book 2 and in Book 6 through the Pensieve.

Finally, Dumbledore seems like he knows he's going to die soon because he divulges all the information Harry needs to have to combat Voldemort. He tells him all about the Horcruxes and Voldemort's past. Dumbledore knew he had to before he died - because as Harry - he knew his time was coming soon.

I also believe Malfoy will play a positive role for the Order in Book 7 as Dumbledore keeps him alive almost knowing that he will become useful. He knew it was fruitless to turn him over to the good side, but his mere offer was enough to later bring Malfoy to the good side.

Snape also may still turn out to be a positive character. He may have only killed Dumbledore because of the unbreakable vow he made to Mrs. Malfoy. When told he had to make it, he is described as being apprehensive about making the vow. He did not want to kill Dumbledore, but he had to in the end because of the vow he made. I cannot wait for Book 7 because I'm sure a lot of these things will be revealed (in addition to RAB being Remulus Black, Sirius' brother).
( Philip Kuhn )

• Wild... hmm... dunno ;) Anyway, imagine if there also has been a prophecy about Snape killing Dumbledore and both knew about this.. just a thought ( webmaster HPF)

• JKR herself on her own website responds to the rumour that "Dumbledore is really Ron/Harry 'from the future'" Her response is:

"Your inventiveness knows no bounds, and I do not mean that sarcastically; these theories open up exhilarating new vistas of possibility... but they're wrong. Could it be that by speculating that Harry/Ron becomes Dumbledore, you are seeking reassurance that neither dies young?"

She continues to dissuade another similar theory. I just thought I would point this out as it completely proves the "Harry is Dumbledore" portion of the speculation in question.
( Dinah O'Hearn )

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