General speculations about Hermione

Here's some general Speculations about Hermione and the Grangers.

• Hermione will be prefect and therafter Head girl. (Lydia Mott)

• Are the Grangers really muggles ?

In the first book, before coming to Hogwarts,
- Hermione had been routinely using simple spells - she says so in the train when she looks in on Ron and Harry whilst helping Neville look for his toad
- Hermione had virtually memorised "Hogwarts - a history"
- Hermione had all the accroutements that were needed for her first year, including clothing
- Hermione was already comfortable with many aspects of the wizarding world, from the media (Daily Prophet) to communications (Owl post)

Question: If her parents are muggles -
- did she instinctively discover the spells she had been using or did she learn them from someone else, and if so, who?
- can she do spells without a wand or has she had a wand for some period of time?
- who told her, and/or her parents, about diagon alley, how to get into it, its monetary system and how to get that money?

So many questions, so few answers !. (Ian Bedford)

• - perhaps she is Harry's older sister who was sent to the Grangers as an infant to avoid being hunted by Voldemeort (foreseen by James Potter or perhaps Dumbledoor) - maybe she is just a year older than Harry - we don't actually know her age, do we??

- so she thinks she is Muggle born (but the Grangers never confirm or deny this to her) but is not and has already exceptional skills because she is not "all muggle", can do spells, and knows about wizarding things because, among other things, the Grangers encourage her "out of love" and there are Olde Crowds looking out for her - just as they do for Harry -

- besides, we only have JKR's word for it that the Grangers are Muggles - perhaps they really are just simple wizard and witch who are excellent at camouflage and acting - seem to have fooled olde Lucius

• Maybe Hermione's parents are squibs?Because two squibs can have a magical child(i think).Or maybe her parents are really muggles and they have a wizard/witch friend who taught her.Or........ she learned all this by herself.

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