General speculations about Hermione

Here's some general Speculations about Hermione Granger.

• i think that Hermione is somehow related to Professor McGonagall. I mean, it's either JK Rowling just messing or something, but they seem so alike! She's always saying "Hermione gave him a look so reminiscent of Professor McGonagall" and stuff like that, and they just seemt o have bonded a lot. I think McGonagall has something more than just a teacher-student relationship with Hermione, either related or a really close family friend or something. I think there is more to learn about Hermione, I mean we practically know nothing about her. We never meet her parents and we dont know anything about what she was like before Hogwarts. (Hannah)

• I had an idea from what Terry Boot said when Hermione was explaining about the coins in DA, she used a Protean Charm, and he says "why weren't you in Ravenclaw?"
Well, why wasn't she? I have a theory. At the beginning of Book 1 she was a know-all and she showed it off, and was basically very irritating. At least, until she became friends with Ron and Harry. I think she got bullied in her muggle school, which is why she is in Gryffindor, she bravely stood up to them? I think we definitely need more information about Hermione. (Hannah)

• What does bother me is when harry arrives at the order hermione is there with the weaslys, yet no explanation is given as to why she is there. It also appears she had been there for most of the summer judging by the letters and birthday cards harry received which means she spent very little time with her parents - she also seems to avoid her parents quite alot.. spending alot of time at hogwarts, dodging skiing, etc etc, all through the 5 books. Significant? (Josh)

• Alright, now I know this is going to sound crazy but, after the events in OOP, I think that Hermione might just get a surprise when she recieves her OWLs, we all know that
Hermione was possibly acting the nuttiest over the exams, the teachers would have pickedup on that and seen to it that 'somehow' Hermione would get the worst grades in the year
(it woud be a test to see if she can take getting such bad results) and it would tie in with Harry needing to be more responsable (I figure he'll be doing a Sirius deal and flaunting
authority...well with Snape anyway) (Alan Hardman)

• A column writer claimed that there's a possibility that Hermione is Harry's sister. I doubt it. But I think Hermione related to Harry. She may be James Potter's mother's brother's granddaughter. Maybe James's mum was muggleborn and her maiden name was Granger! How about it? (Hermione)

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