General speculations about the Horcruxes

Here's some general Speculations about the Horcruxes.

• Immediately when Harry and Dumbledore were discussing the existence of another Horcrux, one previously owned by Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, I saw that Dumbledore had made a mistake. He pointed to the sword Harry had found in book 2, indicating that the "last remaining relic of Gryffindor's" was safe and therefore not a Horcrux, implying that their efforts would probably be better put to use in looking for some artifact of Ravenclaw's or some as-yet undiscovered Gryffindor treasure. What he failed to realize was that Gryffindor had in fact left behind another artifact, one which he and Harry were both quite familiar with -- the Sorting Hat! It has been mentioned on various occasions that the Sorting Hat once belonged to Gryffindor, and if Dumbledore's assumptions were correct, that Voldemort really did choose his Horcruxes based on their connection to the Hogwarts legacy, then the Sorting Hat seems the perfect choice. It is also one of the last places anyone would think to look -- often the best hiding places are the ones that are not hidden. As soon as I thought of it, though, I thought that surely if it was a Horcrux, then Dumbledore would have detected it. Knowing J.K. Rowling's style, though, I know that she thinks of everything, therefore she must have remembered that the Sorting Hat belonged to Gryffindor, making any oversight on Dumbledore's part when pointing things out a potentially significant clue. Wow, try to count the commas in that sentence. I may be mistaken, but I have a feeling the Sorting Hat will probably play a role of some significance in the next book. Seeing as how the Sorting Hat was one of the first magical objects he encountered upon entering Hogwarts his first year, it would be fitting if that were also the last Horcrux he were to destroy in his final year (providing he even returns to Hogwarts, or that the school is open at all) (Ashleigh)

• Although the Sorting Hat may be a Horcruxe I seriously doubt it because when Dumbledore put on Guant's ring it damaged his hand. All the kids that put the hat on would have some kind of brain damage and the characters seem fine. The hat says that Gryffindor took it off his head and the founders put brains in the hat making it able to talk and think.( Meg )

• Harry Potter is Voldy's Gryffindor Horcruxe. All this non-sense about "transference of power" and what not... Rowling has said that we get clues as to HP6 & 7 with Chamber of Secrets... what were some of the things? well, we learn Harry is a "true" Gryffindor... ok. We know that Tom Riddle even noticed how "they even look alike"... ok... the sorting hat was confused a bit in HPSS, but stood its ground in CoS...ok... and, we also know now that in order to create the Horcruxe, you have to kill someone, which breaks off your soul and then you capture it and place it somewhere. Ok.... now, what happened before Harry was attacked as a child? Voldy killed his mother. Ok. So, the spell is complete... BUT the murder was a sacrifice from love... so that's what binded the soul to the Horcrux, in this case Harry... THIS is why he has so many similiarities to Voldy... it's not Quirrel who couldn't stand to be touched by Harry, but Vldy... THIS is why Harry and Voldy were at a standstill during GoF... THIS is why Voldy couldn't possess Harry for long in OoP... THIS is why they were connected for so long... so either Harry IS the Horcruxe, or his lightning scar is (remember reference to lightning in Book 6??)... hence Dumbledore's initial comment in HPSS "curse marks can come in handy"... Dumbley also said "as long as the Horcruxe is out there, Voldy is in essence immortal...?? if that's the case, then the prophecy might not mean Harry has to kill Voldy... rather, Harry has to kill Voldy AND then make the ULTIMATE sacrifice, much like his mother and father did. My ultimate prediction, then, is Harry will kill Voldy and then himself. (Oh, and he will forgive Snape) (Physix)

• harry potter cannot be the horcrux. one thing is that as dumbledore had said, giving a fragment of a soul that can think for itself is inadvisable. plus, would you give something that is very precious to an enemy? also voldemort used the avada kedavra. dumbledore and the fake moody did say that the spell that caused the scar is the killing curse.( kagemaro )

• As I read the HBP I could not think that the perfect Horcrux would be the House Cup that is awarded at the end of term. It is a very significant artifact of Hogwarts. ( Mike Gordon )

• I doubt the house cup is a horcrux beacuse people hold it and they probably would have been cursed like with Guant's ring. ( Meg )

• If Harry tried to Summon the Horcrux then nothing should've happened because when Bellatrix tried to Summon the Prophecy she couldn't because it was broken. Since that wasn't a real Horcrux then nothing should have happened. ( Meg )

• I don't see how anything that has been at Hogwarts longterm can be a horcrux. Dumbledore went over that fairly carefully. Tom wanted access to the school so he could seek school artifacts for horcruxes. Dumbledore denied him access so he had to look elsewhere. Thus the importance of the diary, made after Tom left school and inserted (not sure how) into Hogwarts much later. ( Cindy McCormick )

• I think that one of the Horcruxes may be the Opal Necklace. Perhaps it's not just a cursed necklace, perhaps the curse is a protection that Voldemort placed on the necklace to guard the horcrux from falling into the wrong hands. I also have a strong suspicion that this necklace may have belonged to Rowena Ravenclaw.

I also believe that whatever that remaining horcruxes turn out to be, they are items we've seen before. Like Slytherin's locket it may be one of the items found at Grimmauld Place, or something once metioned in Borgin and Burkes, maybe even in the trophy room at Hogwarts. ( Erin )

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